Lockdown is driving us all mad especially the youngsters. Back on Fast 800 🥑🥗

I had quite a good nights sleep closing my eyes around 11 falling asleep soon after. I did keep waking up and at one point I woke myself up by punching hubby's pillow, thankfully he was on hi side so it didn't wake him. I was having a bad dream having a fist fight with my Father, I hit the pillow so hard I jumped then couldn't go back to sleep for a while as this dream bothered me. I wish I could stop these dreams, they are haunting me from my childhood.

I wish I could press ctrl+alt+del and delete my memory from back then I could move on .


I have had another boring day here nothing happening, with being in another lockdown, this is supposed last a month but think its going to go on for a while yet, they have a massive job to do giving out the Vaccine to everyone. I think the Vaccine reaching everyone in the UK is going to take a long time. I haven't heard anything yet, we will get an appointment when its our turn.

Being housebound is hard enough but when your young daughter is stuck in It really upsets me, she is wanting to see her boyfriend but can't, he boyfriend isn't doing to well being stuck in his house with just his mum, I am concerned about there Mental Health, I know how bad I get with being stuck in, It messes with your head brings you down, I don't want to see her like that. Makes me really angry seeing people not sticking to the rules an doing what they want whilst we send ourselves around the bend keeping to the rules.


I have started getting up with hubby in the morning at 5.30am to make him a hot breakfast, I made his Protein Pancakes this morning using eggs and mashed banana then fried in small pancakes topped with berries and yoghurt, He loved it. I am not sure wat I can make him tomorrow as we needed to go to the supermarket today but changed our mind a it was to cold, he will have to have toast. I have been having breakfast with him but tomorrow I am going to give it a miss and have a fasting day. I am back on the Fast 800 Diet.

I am keeping away from Carbohydrates and sugar, I am no sticking to it 100% more like 90% giving in a little to make it more liveable for me. The last time I did this diet I stuck to it 100% and lost quite a bit of weight, If I had just given myself a bit of space I might be at my goal weight, 100% was to strict especially with my health problems and the medication I take. I started this plan on Tuesday as Monday was hubby's birthday and our 29th wedding anniversary, I feel more at ease on this time. Fingers Crossed it works.

Its now my bedtime, time to take pups to bed, its like living with toddlers. they tell me when its bed time, Luna my youngest pup will cry telling me she is tired. I am getting the side eye look from her at the moment.

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