I need to take more care with my medication, hoping for a good nights sleep tonight 🛌😴😪💤

I had a really bad night last night, managed to get 2 hours sleep, I had forgot to take my afternoon medication when I did realise it was nearly time for my might time dose and instead of taking them as soon as I remembered and pushing back my night time ones but didn't think then suffered with lots of pain and lack of sleep. I forget how bad the pain can get, not taking the right medication soon reminds me plus taking my medication has helped mask my back ache after falling downstairs, that came back with vengeance, everything hurt.


I didn't lie in either as had a online shopping order due and needed to clean and bag up mum in laws shopping for hubby to drop off when he got home and pack ours away. I am not having a good day and feel shattered. I have took my tablets correctly today so should have a good sleep tonight or at least a better one than last night.

We have had rain all night then when it was time for hubby to get up and go to work the skies cleared with the sun making a visit. He was hoping to get sent home but the weather stayed quite good whilst he was at work. Got home around 5 then took his mums shopping down for her. That done home for tea then rest until bedtime.

Hubby brought me a parcel back when he came from his mums, she had put her sleeping spray in a bag for me as a gift, its from The White Company called Sleep Relax with Lavender & Chamomile in a Soothing Spray.

Sleeping spray.jpg

I am going to spray this onto my pillow and crushed velvet headboard so it lasts all night plus hubby can I enjoy the smell to hopefully giving him a good nights sleep, it may help the pups sleep to or maybe I am wanting to much. There is no need to get up early tomorrow, there is nothing planned so I can rest most of the day.

Not that we can do anything, we are in lockdown with only the essential shop open. I wish Boris would shut down the whole country, close borders and stop anyone coming in or going out then get on of the vaccine then maybe we can get out again and have a life, The way things are going its going to go on for a very long time. Hubby is still at work and my oldest daughter works in a Supermarket so she has to work, thankfully she hasn't caught the dreaded Virus. A friend of mine has caught it, he is a lorry driver for a supermarket, him and his wife have caught it and both isolating. He isn't feeling well at all, can't lie down to sleep as it feels like he is choking, he has a nasty cough and lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. Hopefully he is strong enough to see it off.

Its now bedtime for me again, this time comes round far to fast. Tonight I don't mind so much as I will be hoping to fall asleep quickly. Wish me luck.

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