I need a decorator ASAP, need a nice bedroom.🎨 In lockdown trying to loose weight. ☺

Another boring day stuck in the house, its really cold out so suppose the house is the warmest place, not that we can go out as still in lockdown. I am getting really bored, looking at the same four walls. I have got to think of something to do to keep my mind working. I would love to be able to get into Interior Design but with having health problems that don't allow you plus when telling hubby what I like is even harder. Hubby likes plain walls plus with him have colour blindness I have to be careful what colours I do chose.

Hubby's world is a lot more colourful than mine, They say grass is Green where Hubby see's Grass as Orange. When choosing paint colours I have to ask him what colour it is to him then decide, I picked a lovely brown paint but to him it was green. Choosing plain colours is easier.

I need my bedroom decorated, it's desperate to be done just finding the time we can do it an when I feel strong enough to help. I have my heart set on panelling on the big wall but this means hubby has to add slats of wood to the wall before painting. Does look amazing when it's finished.

I really love how this bedroom looks.

Bedroom wall.jpg

That is what I have my heart set on, hopefully hubby will be able to do it, I keep saying I will get a man in but hubby likes to try and do it himself, if its to much for him then we will get some prices. My vision is a darker Grey on the panelled wall, I still have to decide what colour I want the other walls but do know I want a bling lampshade like the one in the photograph.


Me and hubby have become diet buddies, we are trying to lose weight together. Its definitely making the shopping a lot easier, I mention I am on the biscuit aisle on my online order he says swipe straight past anything like that, so with no naughty treats in the house we don't get tempted. My daughter Nichola is also trying to lose weight, we are all helping each other.

We are following the The Fast 800 idea of no sugar or Carbohydrates, we are all staying away from that and sticking to he same foods apart from Nichola who is a Vegetarian.

I now get out of bed with hubby at 5,30 am, I make our breakfast, this morning was Protein Pancake's, they are made using eggs and bananas, once cooked we top with fruit and yogurt. Once hubby goes to work I go back to bed for more sleep Tomorrow we are having Porridge, (Porridge Is Carbs) I know, we have this because its filling and good for you, we don't add sugar just chopped fruit. We have that a couple of times a week, this fills us up for the day, I don't eat again until hubby gets home from work. This is our second week and seems to be working. We are going to use the weekends to add 2 fasting days, Saturday and Sunday, when we will hopefully have 2 x 16 fast days then back to normal on workdays.

Fast 800 2.jpg

Hubby is missing his Yorkshire puddings on his dinners. It will be worth when we are felling fitter and lighter. With being on Lockdown its given us something to think about, plus we talk a a lot about what we are going to try and make that is Carbohydrate and Sugar free plus I am again drinking so much water I am always near to a toilet.

Its bedtime again for me, another night of lying awake until the early hours, I do sleep better once I go back to bed after making breakfast, maybe its having a full tummy that is helping.

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