Hubby is back to work today whist Bumbling Boris Locks down the Country again as the Virus is winning. .🦠

We are sat here waiting for our MP Boris Johnson to do a TV Broadcast about what we are going to do next to fight the Virus. He has done a few of these and not once has he been on time OHHHHHH his first time ever Bumbling Boris is talking to us now. We are waiting to find out whether the country goes into full Lockdown as the Virus is wiping us out. He has shut the country down again only key workers and construction workers to go to work, That's hubby working through it.


I hope everyone who watched Boris or heard it from someone else realises this means you too, pull your head out of your ass and lockdown. There are some here who still think they can do what they want, come and go as they want and meet people as many as they want. This is getting way to much now we have all had enough of this some of us have stuck to the rules 100% now please can you pay it back and do the same Its annoying having to stop my daughter meeting her new boyfriend or going out to meet friends when we are seeing people having parties.


Hubby's first day back to work after 10 weeks on the sick, sadly he had to return on his birthday and our 29th Anniversary. He left all his birthday cards and presents to open them tonight. He came home worn out and very stiff as he hasn't moved very much over the last 10 weeks. He will find work hard for a while yet Or his bosses will close and go into another lockdown giving him e few more weeks off but may not get paid.

With it being a double celebration today hubby's birthday and our 29th Anniversary we thought we would have our very last take away before starting to eat more healthy. Hubby usually loves a Balti curry until I got him to try what I order, A Chicken Curried Wrap. I replace the for a Cheese Nan, add Garlic sauce and Chips to the wrap, you only get a couple of chips instead of a portion, Hubby ordered the same apart from he wanted Indian chips on the side.

Curry wrap.jpg

I managed to eat half of mine thinking maybe we should have ordered 1 between us, hubby thought he would manage everything until he tried it leaving half his chips and some of his wrap, he then agreed with me. That is it for the treats.

Our dogs have missed hubby today, spending 24/7 for 10 weeks Mika hasn't left his side, she has wrapped around his neck whilst he was sitting on the sofa, then sitting by his side whilst he had his food. This he has missed her just as much, sadly they don't understand, we just have to be there for them when they need a cuddle.

Hubby will be needing his sleep tonight as he never sleeps on the 1st night back to work or starting a new job, he wasn't worried just couldn't fall asleep, it happened to me when I used to work. He will be out like a light tonight. Hopefully he will get an email from work saying they are closing due to the Virus especially now he weather is really bad, don't mind him working outside when its warm and dry out.

Its bedtime for me again, I need my medication and the bed to stretch out on to ease the pain. I will get comfortable with my pups before hubby comes to bed who will fall asleep before his head hits the pillow. Night all..♥

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