BORIS please put your big boy pants on and make stricter rules for the UK, stop playing games. 😡👿

As I lay awake last night listening to the cold winds hitting the house and feeling the temperature drop I thought about my hubby, He's a Construction worker, Bricklayer, They have been told they can go to work. They aren't classed as key workers and they know there not putting themselves at risk the way the NHS, Drs, shop workers etc are doing but they are put at risk at work. Construction workers can work says the government.

A construction worker will enter his site usually going to the bait cabin where they meet up with there squad, work pals but now aren't allowed in the cabin as you can't social distance in a cabin, there aren't enough places for the men or women to go on there lunch break/tea breaks also if the weather is really bad they have to wait until there boss says go home sometimes waiting hours in the cold or sitting in there cars *imagine sitting in your car for 4 hours or more alone. These same men will need to use the toilets at some point, is there a cleaner standing by to disinfect the toilets after every use. Its fair enough saying who can work but if you don't look at every aspect of that persons job and look after every single person in the UK then Boris put on your big boy pants and do it. Our country needs a full lockdown, everyone that can to lock down, no going out, NO ONE MEANS NO ONE, No other instructions EVERYONE. He has beat about the bush giving extra permissions and everyone thinking they can do what they want.


Hubby has come home a few times freezing and wet, he's also told me about the few who have been isolated due to catching Covid. Hubby is lucky enough to drive to work alone some have to car share or use the bus. Boris is spending to much time trying to please everyone and not be to strict but that isn't working as people are doing what they want when they want. Lockdown everyone, I think we can all do without Amazon for 2 weeks.

As for Covid, I personally don't think IF you catch it its more like WHEN.


Enough about that annoying Virus and back to my day, It's been another slow lazy Sunday, sleeping in then watching movies. The weather is really cold here and doesn't seem to be changing for a while yet. Snow was closing in but thankfully it has missed us for the time being. I will be having my game of bingo later, haven't had any good luck lately so if anyone has any spare can I have it please. :) Bedtime comes around very quick when I have a lie in but as they say Bed is the perfect place when your tired and I am always tired so maybe I shouldn't get out of bed, Now that's an idea I like.

I hope you all are staying safe, staying home and looking after yourself, this is going to be long fight but we will eventually win it. Stick to the rules.

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