A 15 year old romance ended, broken hearted 💔😢😭😭 I hate 2020 😡

I am gutted and have cried like a baby over my 15 year love affair with SUPERNATURAL a TV series that portrays the life of 2 brothers Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, they both live my there families motto Saving people, Hunting things, The Family Business. This started in 2005 and ended 2020, 2020 has has been killer.


I started watching Supernatural mainly because the Winchester brothers were gorgeous especially Dean who is played by the most gorgeous man Jensen Ackles, this man gets better looking every season.The younger brother is played by Jared Padalecki.


The brothers have played the Winchester brother for the whole show, no changes no one leaving then being replaced by someone else, this has been a story where we have followed The Winchesters brothers every step and loved every minute.

They also hold Comic Cons for the SPN Fandom, there are loads of videos on youtube showing how these 2 interact with their fans, They are hilarious to watch, have loads of funny stories and Jensen sings, he has the most amazing voice.


The brothers where the main parts but there were so many characters that need to be mentioned:

Castiel - Misha Collins; One good looking angel that helped the boys, they became a triple act in the show and on the Con shows.


I always said i refuse to watch the last few episodes as then i could always say it hasn't ended for me but with so many spoilers going round i watched the last episode. Watching Dean die broke my heart, as he arrived in heaven to drive away in his Baby the Impala with the music Carry on my Wayard Son I cried like a baby, a blubbering mess then watching Sam grow old and raise a son he had called Dean to Die for him then to meet his brother again in heaven the blubbering got worse, it broke me.

I have watched the show from start to finish a number of times,once you start you can't stop. There is 15 seasons, 320 hours of pure entertainment.

I knew it was ending and with the world closing down this year 2020 has ruined so much. I wanted more for the ending, i think the way Dean died was not enough, they could have made that so much better but with lockdown and social distancing they did their best. I would have liked to see Dean die through saving someone, something that portrayed him as that's what he has done for 15 years. No one could play them parts better, the show was gripping, funny, weird, hysterical, scary, they had everything there fans could want.They even had a campaign for Mental Health, they designed hoodies etc with the saying Always Keep Fighting. They have helped me through so many rough times when i have been so sad then to watch them and be in hysterics. My Romance Will Never End.

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