Health is the most precious thing!

This morning I woke up to this sight: the first snow fell in Székesfehérvár!
Mom Holle somehow forgot about us in the winter!
It occurred to me that this was certainly not normal, not least because the meteorological spring had arrived from tomorrow. I didn’t go out barefoot just because I had other, more important things. How "normal" am I, right?


By the way, it's spring! The almond tree is already in bloom!


Forsythia, too.


And violets also...



Here are the last crocuses:


After weather and flowers, I would write about a more serious topic like health.

Health = Egész-ség (Hungarian) = Whole-ness (mirror translation)

"Egész" means whole, complete. There is no shortage of it, it's perfect! There is no other language that is so expressive and pictorial.

Since human is the unity of body, soul, and spirit, we must not only deal with our body. Stress and fear can unfortunately ruin our health. Medicine tries to remedy this with medications, but they only dampens the symptoms. The real cause is not eliminated.
The covid is now arousing great fears, we hear conflicting news about it. Do we need a mask on the street as well or not, do we need a vaccine or not.
At all, WTF is this madness?

Opponents of vaccination quarrel with those in favor of vaccination, just like in kindergarten... Politicians are becoming more and more corrupt and getting rich during the crisis. Divide and rule - it goes in the world...
If you think common sense, you'll realize vaccination is a global human experiment that works like Russian roulette!

Here we are, a small group of people waking up. We don’t believe what the mainstream media is saying, but we are also critical of conspiracy theories.
Common sense, judgment, and the unity of the heart, it also belongs to health. We possess many pieces of ancient knowledge and strive to reconstruct completeness.

Well, the covid exists, and it's not a common flue or cold. Many of my friends have fallen ill, some of them seriously. Luckily, I’m still healthy and I hope I stay that way too.
One of them sent me an audio recording today where a doctor was talking about prevention.
I listened the record, and then looked at what I could do for myself and others.

I quickly photographed a still life of some natural healing things I have in my home.

A bottle of red wine with rosemary, ginger, onions and garlic in the dish


Rosemary has a vasodilating effect. I put it in red wine, leave it in for a few days, then drink a small glass of it every night.

I cut the onions in half and put them in my room for the night. It stinks, but it kills viruses in the air.

I eat garlic raw with toast. Whoever is more courageous, soaks the crushed garlic in alcohol and takes it with a small spoon every day. Even vampires run away from this! Ginger: I soak it in hot water, then I drink it warm with orange and lemon juice.

Zinzino Balance oil, Zinzino Biotic, tea tree oil , Vitamin D and C


Zinzino oil is for the balance of Omega3, Biotic is for good digestion (fibres).
Tea tree oil is one of the best antiseptic oils, also for inhalation.
At least 1000-2000milligrams of Vitamin C and 1600 IU Vitamin D per day.

And besides, a lot of smiles, laughter, love.

I'm not normal! I'm a Humanoid!

With lots of love from Kalemandra unnamed (2)-1.jpg