Fifty-Fiver Friday's Child

Sea-Goat, Water-Bearer, Year of the Goat

Sign of the time (I don't believe in broad strokes depicting life, this is just for fun) being born on the cusp of Mythical Sea-Goat or the Goddess Water-Bearer, also born in the year of the wood Goat! Perhaps Goat wins.....


Stepping through time, what is in the number, mindset, attitude is what it all boils down to, some slow down make themselves old, others just keep going like a young goat in the fields.


Reflecting back on what we were born into....

1958: U.S. launched first satellite, a few months after Soviet Union sent Sputnik into orbit. Now Sputnik was the name given to my Uncle's dog, some of the history was told when this gorgeous Collie dog was given an unusual name. Had to look up the year dating Sputnik event!

Cold wars, hot wars do we as humans ever stop, say no to the powers that be?


Lubeck, Germany - Harmony within, peace outside. (Not part of the Wall)

1961: Berlin Wall went up dividing East from West, this took 28 years to rip down which happened during our time as well. When traveling through Germany at certain train stations one would see the guards checking trains coming in/out of the East, think about it so many families split for too long.

31 May 1961 Republic of South Africa was formed, breaking away from the Commonwealth. After a whites-only referendum in 1960 by Verwoerd a win of 52% led to the following 33 years under crazy rule. Raised in and English speaking home, you went to and English speaking school, attended English speaking church, seldom getting to know culture of Afrikaaner neighbours, never rubbing shoulders with other nationalities. Cultural Survival

As children, our only contact with local tribal people was a Xhosa lady who only came into the home once a week to clean floors to "pay her room rental in our back garden", enabling her to work in other homes earning a living. Only ever returning home for Christmas, supporting her family in the then Transkei?

A Tswana work associate of my fathers who loved gardening, lived too far from his family home, arrived on odd weekends to enjoy time away from the hostels, bleak, over populated dwellings?

1961 - How similar in history, both North and South with going to great lengths in destroying people lives. When do we ever learn?


Botanical Gardens Durban

1969: Moon landing, South African's never saw this on television since this only arrived officially on the 6th January 1976 for fear outside news may corrupt our thinking? How reliant we became on music of the time to obtain information, lyrics of songs, or very short black and white movie news reals before main film shows, very little was divulged. However many by now had become friends with other race groups, made some wonderful friends, started to learn more about our own people, horrific when you think you live the first most relevant part of your childhood not knowing one another.

February 1976 married then traveled to learn more about the North (story for another day), after a year long engagement marrying to quickly meant you must be pregnant! What crap, all these hidden agendas, yet here we are in 2021 still living by man made rules, very few question, why?

World Population 1955 - 2.8 billion people, 2021 - 7.8 billion people? Rate of approximately 278% growth is extremely perplexing, are we on a path of self-destruction or will younger generation slow this down.

South Africa 2021 ranked 25th with 59.7 million, population in 1955 was 15.2 million ranked at 33 in the world. Time to consider restricting human breeding world wide.


Random Thoughts

Back to age and mindset, this has hit home on so many levels of late with some of the elders we know in their eighties or nineties still enjoying life, now locked up in old age homes like prison cells for this covid thingy.

Yes many are dying, it is not without compassion that I speak now, it is of people who labored all their life, fought wars, lived through recession, now witnessing unfair laws imposed by being suddenly cut off from society.

Ask yourself, did you work all your life to be locked up, calibre of older generation is unquestionable, no complaints, offering a better life for all who make it through this pandemic.


People facing increasing hardship presses down on those previously disposed of land, work or ownership, yet they smile, who knows how?

The short period from 1994 to 2008 gave very few enough of a firm footing to obtain a home or land, while those who rule enjoy bloated earnings to gloat over.

Government spending now will have to be paid eventually, added burden in taxation for future generations. Major concern is 52% unemployed a new 17 year high.


Age is not for sissies, your bones ache, joints do the "snap crackle and pop", for heavens sake keep your brain active! Share knowledge for next generation to do better than those who went before them.

Living in a beautiful country, a little blue dot in the universe with much to celebrate, not always destroy, bemoan, people need one another it is as simple as "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade", a smile is better than a frown.

Trivial Information

January 21 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Born on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn, you have the advantage of being both friendly and charismatic, yet shrewd and practical. Frank and honest, with strong convictions and sharp intellect, you like to be direct and speak your mind. Original in your approach, you enjoy learning and can be prudent and discerning. Although you possess an easygoing style, you may also have to overcome a tendency to be irritable, as it might estrange you from others. Bday Personality


Goats are loving and selfless, always thinking for others, even if it works against their own interest. Chinese New Year


Quotes To Live By

Now on a positive note, life will always come with challenges no matter where we live. A favourite quote, Be Optimistic by Nelson Mandela “I am fundamentally an optimist. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.”


Thanks for being here, reading about some things reeling around my head on my special day, between phone calls and trying to put this into words, mixed fortunes, strange events, still looking forward to the future in anticipation of change.


All photography my own using unless otherwise stated with source link below. Any queries or requests please drop a comment below or make contact with me, have a wonderful day!

Thought for Today: "If you are building something and a nail breaks, should you stop building altogether, or should you change the nail?." - African Proverb

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