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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Hive is not simply a blockchain - it is a decision, a mindset and a like minded community that shares in the growth of such.


These are my five...


(What Hive offers you as an individual)

Before joining this blockchain and becoming a part of the community, I honestly would never have guessed just how amazing the journey would be nor how much it would educate me, push my boundaries and expand my horizons. Three years ago, I was blogging independently part time and as much as I loved the writing, it often felt like I was doing it for nobody other than myself because unless I spent ridiculous amounts of time sharing my blog links on endless social media groups and such… I pretty much got ZERO engagement on anything I wrote and more often than not, the little bit of engagement that I did get seemed incredibly superficial. Discovering this “space” (which was Steem back then) was an absolute game changer for me… not only in my blogging adventure, but for me personally too – because it has taken me on a journey that I would never have foreseen.

No, it did not all just unfold like a golden flower, lol – joining a blockchain space was a completely new arena for me, so there were the logistics of it all that I had to wrap my head around and then the community dynamics too. The engagement on my content didn’t just “arrive” either, but I could see the potential of what “was” possible (in terms of engagement) by looking at other members that were already well established and so I took that seed and decided to plant it by starting my own community so that like-minded people could gather in one space, get to know one another in a more personal space and last but definitely not least… support one another so that nobody got left behind and no one ever felt like their efforts were in vain.

Almost three years later, a couple of rebrands, one name change and here I am – here we are, The Power House Creatives!!! The one thing that has MOST influenced my life, my Hive journey and without question has given me the most blessings! Yes, I am still pretty much a daily blogger in this space, but if I didn’t have my PHC community as a part of that journey, this place would feel a whole lot emptier! I absolutely ADORE our space and I LOVE how we are able to contribute to making so many individuals journey here a happier one!


(How Hive is different to other social media and blogging platforms)

Whilst I still have my traditional social media accounts… since being a part of Hive I barely touch them and when I do, it is normally to promote something Hive related, lol! How does Hive differ – well, apart from the obvious reasons I would say this: There is an expression “birds of a feather…” – yeah, you know the one. Well, that – for me is probably one the MAIN reasons why Hive differs from traditional social media because you are surrounding yourself with like-minded, forward thinking individuals. Life in itself is all about personal growth and in THIS space, we are breaking the chains, paving new roads and CREATING our future instead of sitting idly by whilst being subliminally “dictated to”. Here, we are able to share, engage, learn, explore and actually BENEFIT from the experiences… it is not just a space for mindless babble. In addition to that, our time and effort spent here has the power to change individual worlds. It can help put a loaf of bread on the table, assist with paying the bills and is also a fantastic long term investment – if not for ourselves personally, then perhaps for our children or another family member. Unless you have 100k+ followers, what other online social space offers you that?!


(People & spaces you find Hive support and gain enthusiasm from)

Well, I suppose that is a no-brainer for me… I didn’t spend three years building our absolutely ONE OF A KIND community, if I was not going to sit here and praise it to the nth degree! The proof is always in the pudding and quite frankly, this #thriveonhive initiative speaks LOUDLY ENOUGH for the passion and dedication of our PHC members! Like I said already – ALL of my energies are poured into the growth and managing of my Power House Creatives community. Like meeting friends for coffee before or after work, it is the one space which I love entering! Yes, we have ALL sorts of characters and new people walking through our doors every single day, but we are FAMILY and have one common goal… EMBRACE one another! Having said that though, some of the most AMAZING members of PHC team have communities of their own which are equally as awesome as well as useful! The primary one that comes to mind is The Terminal. If you are newer to this blockchain space then you absolutely MUST hop on to their server!!!! Not only will you be gifted with a wealth of knowledge, but you will be steered and guided every single step of the way! The work they do in that space is invaluable!!!!


(The front ends / dapps of your choice and why)

There are countless dapps and front ends and it pretty much depends on what floats your boat as well as what “facet” of Hive you are involved in. Some people may be into the gaming side with things like Splinterlands, others may like to share their “one liners” with the world – in which case there is @dbuzz / D.Buzz. Personally, I am a writer so I lean toward the “blog” front ends. Yes, I do go through the traditional site as I manage many accounts so it does prove useful, but my ABSOLUTE “go to” is without question @peakd!! - Also the proud designer of their brand I might add insert cheesy grin here haha! But no, seriously… as a blogger, PEAKD has EVERYTHING I want and more!


(My final thoughts & conclusion)

Like I said in the opening lines to this post Hive is not simply a blockchain - it is a decision, a mindset and a like minded community that shares in the growth of such. Be open to it! Explore it, Embrace it and I can promise you... you will never look back!


(Tag 5 people to join in on the fun!)


Yeah I know tha is 6, I can count... lol



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