Sublime Beautiful Sunday | Window shopping at Uniqlo, Saigon City

It's Sunday... And it's time for another Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday. Since it has been a while since I last did any window shopping in any departmental store, I thought it would be nice to check out Uniqlo in Dong Khoi.

There ain't many departmental stores in Saigon; everyone much prefers to shop online or go to those individual stores. I find shopping in these individual stores a hassle as they are all over the place and getting around town is tough. At times like these, I really appreciate all those departmental stores back home in Malaysia. Anyhow, today it's all about Uniqlo.


Instead of checking out the Ladies Section, I was intrigued with the Kids area. They definitely have very interesting colours and design - a big difference to what we had when we were kids. And calling it Uniqlo Kids is a smart way to making both parents and kids welcoming & happy.


This is just one section of the Kids area and there are so many options to choose from - of course, there's always more variety for girls as compared to boys. I didn't walked through every aisle since I was tired from the early morning walk. So I decided to just chill out at the rattan chairs that was placed at the corner.


I suspect these are placed here for parents (especially the DADS) to sit and wait while the wives walk through the aisle selecting clothes for the kids. The chairs ain't that comfy so one wouldn't be able to sit for long and enough to rest our feet. Not to mention, it had the view of Vincom Mall which is across the road - another shopping mall in Dong Khoi area.

I didn't buy anything as usual since I was never confident with the clothes here. I had just managed to change my country location on Lazada from Malaysia to Vietnam and am kind off enjoying myself looking through the App to see what was available on it. Maybe, I would find something that I like which is affordable though I know it's risky for multiple reasons.

It's a gamble whenever we buy anything online anyways.


#SublimeSunday is inspired by @c0ff33a while #BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108. Both of whom share similar wonderful thoughts of how Sundays should be for all of us.

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