I felt like a little whale in the water!! :)

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When I was in school a million years ago I was a great swimmer.  In fact, I loved swimming and we literally grew up in the swimming pool. 

I can remember that we woke up very early so that we could go for a quick swim before school, and then dressed quickly just to be in time for school.  Mostly we went to school with wet hair (and it was awful to comb your hair into a ponytail) but it was all worth the swim. Swimming was part of my life and the only sport that I was really good at.  I swam gala throughout my school career and even swam gala at university.  Then I stopped. 

You know when you leave school to begin a new life, things change, and you get so busy with new and exciting things that you forget about what is really important.  Swimming was long forgotten and life happened.  I had kids and went through a divorce and a few moves but ultimately as you all know I am now happy and content with what I have achieved in life.  

As most of you know I work online and for the last few years I have not been very active.  I mostly sit for at least eight hours a day and then I am so tired, I just go and lie down. Even though I said that I do not have any new year resolutions, I made the decision to start swimming again.  I found a lady close to me with a big pool and she said that I am welcome to come and swim at her house.  

Yesterday I went for the first time and I must tell you it felt great.  Swimming comes very naturally to me and once I started I couldn't stop.  I swam lengths for an hour without getting tired and it felt awesome! 

Today I can hardly walk,  but I have found something that makes me really happy.  I cannot wait to go again today and this is something that I am going to continue for as long as I can. 

I might look like a little whale in the water but honestly, I do not care.  I love it! 

PS: If I ever get to be reincarnated I want to be a fish!