Pretty like the sun

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It's a rare day that goes by in which I don't listen to music; It's an intrinsic part of my life and helps soothe, comfort, excite, exhilarate, energise and relax me depending on different factors. I choose my music largely around mood, attitude, emotion and feelings and it speaks to me, deep down. I turn to it often and, unlike people, it has never failed me. A broad musical interest means there's always an appropriate track to support me, bring me happiness, inspire memories or emotions and generally keep me company.

I'm fortunate to have some skill in music and can play three instruments: Piano, trumpet and bass guitar. It's the piano that I'm really good at though as I began playing at an early age, before I was five years old. This means I can create my own music which I do sometimes; I don't write it, although could, I learn to play music I like and simply play for my own enjoyment. I have a piano and whilst it doesn't get used every day, it gets used.

Mostly though I just listen and I find I become quite moved by the music, I feel it to my core and in times of sadness or when hope seems lost I find it supports me, just as it maintains feelings of happiness, conviction or anything else I happen to be feeling.

Music, quite simply, is one of the most beautiful things in my life

Today I looked back on the tracks I listened to this week and decided to share the most played track of my week with you just because I can, and I love the track.

This track was sent to me by a girl who means a great deal to me - She's one of those special people that has become so entwined within me that I can't even tell where I end and she begins - There's no explanation of how or why. She's one of the most amazing, beautiful and unique human beings I have ever known and this track reminds me of her every time it plays - Not that I need any prompting to hold thoughts of her of course.

"All pretty like the scars, we both have ours, it's who we are
Oh show me everything, where you're going, where you've been
All time its not too late, I'm standing here, the world can wait
And as the night falls low, away we go"

Pretty like the sun - Prime Circle

It's a cool track, and video too, and one I like a great deal, obviously, hence why it played so many times this week. I just listened to it as I wrote this post too. Just one more time.

Anyway, I might do this again sometime as been it's interesting to look back on what tracks I've played over the week - A very mixed set of tracks I can assure you. Just in case you're wondering what track came in second place it was one of my all time favourite pieces of music. This one: I'm sending you away [M83] If you have the sheet music to this please send it to me.

So, there you have my most played track of the week, and my second most also as a bonus. I wonder about your most played track of the week though - Do you ever play a single track multiple times and if you do, why? What track have you been playing this week and why? Tell me in the comments below.

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