My Advice from Mum|contest Entry by @dwixer

As a child, I grew up with my grandma, it was until after my high school did I visit my mum. Sure, I was grown up then to be called a man already, yet my mum felt the need to say words that would be a guide to me in life and my relationship.
No doubt , your mum has spoken one or two words that read deep meanings, to participate in the contest, follow the link Contest link it's opened to all gender and age. Lol.


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One particular evening after a meal, my mum asked me to come help her out with some Work at the store. Few minutes later , I joined her in the store and realised she was sitting and doing no work and the store seem properly arranged already. Curious about this, I asked her what she wanted me to do. She replied "Nothing" and asked me to sit on a bag of grain that was adjacent to where she sat. She remained silent for a while before she began with explaining and pointing out to me all the possessions she has and how she had acquired them. When she was done, she asked me if I have a girlfriend and I told her no , I watched her to see if she has a different countenance but her expression remained unchanged. "I had always wanted all my sons to be married before the age 25, but it seems things did not work out as I had desired" she said Then she proceeded to say this words that has remained stuck in my heart.

  • Don't just marry any lady, test her to know her personalities , then determine if you can cope living with her in all what you've found out.
  • You need a lady who will support you both physically and financially in the future, else you wouldn't go far in life. To identify such a lady sometimes pretend you don't have and ask her to assist you when she has and notice her reaction.
  • Anger is bad, it can destroy what you have built in years, control it
  • and also intentionally provoke the woman you love and observe what she does when she's angry.
  • Respect a lady and have no reason to deny her in any circumstance.
  • when you become success and is married, dont forget your siblings.

Till today, I don't know why her only advice for me was mostly targeted around the female but it has helped me a lot to cope with the opposite gender. After that day she has not particularly advice me about life or any other subject.