Hive creative contest:Five things that make me smile

By nature, I smile a lot. This means I have several things that makes me smile , sometimes even weird things to which I shouldn't smile. Somehow, my childhood programming has a role to play in my frequent blush to almost everything that happens to me or come my way. I was told from childhood not to allow sad moments preoccupy my reason to smile, ever after then, I have kept my chin open to broad smiles always. But there are things that genuinely makes me smile and sometimes I smile really hard or laugh out loud. there are many of them but I will mention but few.

Things that makes me smile

  • Jokes with friends

Me and my friends usually engage in jokes and funny talks whenever we hang out for a game or a stroll. This conversation usually make me smile hard because they come with some truth in a funny way. Whenever I am bored and feels like having a good time with laughter, I visit some of my friends.

  • Time with my grandmother
    Those whom their grandparents are still alive will understand how talky grandma could be, my grandma talks alot and mostly drop lines that could make one smile so hard. The funniest of it all is that, she believes she's still young and should not be looked upon as been old. Whenever I visit, the first things she discuss is marriage not minding my age or financial status.


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  • Watching movie or listening to comedy

Watching certain movies and listening to comedy makes me smile and sometimes laugh. The character in a movie may be acting as a funny individual , making moves and Statement that are hilarious. Comedy in it entirety involves funny comments that cracks people up.

  • Remembering My past life or Actions in school

School life is the best. Not only because of the education but the relationship people build while in school with different kind of people each with their personalities difference,the kind of life someone lived, managing as a student and taking certain actions that makes you laugh each time you recall your days back then in school.

  • When a younger person tried to be tricky on me

I have done somethings while I was younger to which I assumed was wisdom to deceive someone elderly. When I notice people whom I am older than them trying to use such trick on me, it makes me smile or laugh because I once used such trick. To them, it might be wisdom while to me, it's foolishness but I just overlook them and allow them assume they are wise but sometimes I let them know I wasn't deceived.

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