Hive Creative Contest | 5 Things That Make Me Smile

This is my entry to hive creative contest with the topic '5 Things That Make Me Smile' initiated by @zord189

On a normal day, I don't feel like showing my smiling face without having a reason or reasons to do so.
Psychologist have it that a normal human being smiles for some minutes everyday, even without having a reason to do so. This I claimed, bringing me to participate in this contest.
Before I list some of those things that make me smile or laugh, I'll like to state clearly that they might not make me smile if any of them come from a wrong source.


Studying with a genius friend
I strongly dislike making mistakes over and over again.
Because of that, I made some good friends with working brain cells. Spending time with them is memorable.
I cherish to be with my Mr Einstein as he knows the best solution to lightening up my happiness.
I love making progress and progress requires sacrifice. With a good companion, the energy required to achieve such progress is minimized and at the end, it appears like a deja vu.

Paying and accepting complements
As a lady, looking good is one of my most favorite things.
I spend time in dressing and making up and when I step out in style, I love and honor every 'you are looking good' said to me by the people I interact or meet on the way.
This keeps me happily smiling all day and inspires me to look good the next day.


Being praised for doing something
Being commended for doing something good puts bunch of smile on my face, causing every face that I look at to smile back at me.
At that point, laughing is not an option but a wise choice.

Celebrating with my colleagues
At every level of success, I normally initiate a celebration mode with my colleagues as a reward for our hard work. It could be a bottle of wine but believe me, every one of us must smile at the first toast as we say some funny words. Lol.


Cooking my best food alone for myself
Mmmmhhhm! I love good food as it makes me to dance to the sound produced by the boiling pot.
Cooking it alone gives me that freedom to express myself to the fullest.
I leak the spoon while tasting at every stage of cooking.
Eating starts from the kitchen to the dining room.
Mmmhmm. It's always yummy!

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