Parenting Experience: The Great Motivator

As many parents know, raising a child is the best and most interesting experience. But, it certainly has its ups and downs just like anything in life...

This past weekend was great hanging out with my son but what wasn't so great was my son getting hurt. While I know it's almost inevitable and my son will have his fair share of bumps and bruises, it is really scary when it actually happens.

I don't know if all parents feel the same way as I do, but the coolest thing about having a kid is you feel as though you live life through them. You can find joy in things you would never think would be fun, because as long as you kid is smiling, those memories will burn into your brain and oftentimes a photo will help embed them permanently.

But, on the flip side when your kid gets hurt, it hurts you even more emotionally... especially when there is not much you can do to alleviate the pain. It's really scary and you feel helpless.

Life is about learning, you don't want to live life in a bubble but you also do want to put yourself in circumstances with great risk. My only goal in life is for my son to have better experiences than me. Parenting has literally impacted every decision I've made, from my investing strategy in crypto to focusing on improving my own personal health.

The Great Motivator

Back in 2017, I used to be a lot more risky in my investment decisions. Had I been as risky this go round, I would have probably made a lot more money. However, I am much more happy with my more conservative mindset.

From one year ago I have made an ROI I am very happy with and considering the returns your average non-crypto investor would make, unless they're an early Tesla investor I've done much better.

When it comes to my health I've also become even more conscious. It's been 8 months since I've had any form of alcohol or sugar. I'm feeling better every day that goes by and much more happy in my body.

I've written some about my health. I have an unusual body and also symptoms but I'm finally starting to feel that I have whatever pathogen affecting me on the ropes...

I look forward to being relieved of my current symptoms and how that will make my parenting experience that much better.

Some of my posts on Hive serve merely as a journal of my thoughts, this is one of them.

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