RE: Plans and chills

Exactly! Often we later realize that our perspective might have been flawed, looking with the wrong pair of glasses at the mirror. We usually dislike about others what we dislike about ourselves. The amount of learning that we can do while interacting with a loved one is massive. It depends on our ability to be honest with ourselves in order to tap into the wisdom that can be acquired in romantic relationships.
Sometimes people repeat the same pattern over and over again only with a different partner. Unaware of the fact that they haven't learned anything from the past, they are stuck on repeat. Relationships don't make you better or more experienced if you haven't learned from them. It's like bragging about doing something for 30 years even if you've done it poorly. I get a huge inner smile and meditate when I hear about people being proud about having dozens of relationships which burned and failed, thinking it was always the other. That is why marriage is the toughest relationship of all because you can't just fly around out of it with ease as with a relationship. It's definetely a hot topic and to sum it up I think that we need to learn and make better choices in regards to a future partner.


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