Winged justification for the desire of beautiful fingers ๐Ÿ˜‡

After a severe winter, my life finally turns on a bright page and I find myself in a favorite town far from my hometown.


The only problem is that for various needs it is difficult to get to the city. We have enough of them every day. And we had to look for a way out. And everything turned out so that everything we need is present here.


We need to order a cake, and a neighbor gave us the number of a local baker who bakes cakes for everyone. Dances, performances are also here.
And what can I say here, even the circus came here.
Now we are covered for several days by a gray sky of dampness in the cold, and to effectively use this not the most favorable time for activity, we signed up for a pedicure.


The love of wildlife must be within reasonable limits. And to maintain the statutory appearance when meeting with people is very important. With regular contact with the ground, this is quite difficult.


And what was necessary to go to the city?
It will probably be pointless to ask, because we have a village's all-inclusive and at the other end of town is already waiting for a nail master. We went, as always, on our hoverboards. Oh, lingering dampness is usually melancholy: you go with a landscape on a swampy road accompanied by the sounds of towing.


According to the good old tradition, you need to be 10 minutes late, how can you do without it?
The master is actually a very friendly woman. She has enough risky work. Because you never know what the next foot will get in the box. Hahah๐Ÿ˜œ


Well, I'm a responsible customer and that's why I presented my legs clean. First a basin of hot soapy water๐Ÿšฟ
Later, alternately clean the excess skin around the fingers with a special thing and create a shape with a nail file.


Then, I didn't think they were doing that. Take the foot and clean it from excess skin with pumice. By the way, it's so ticklish, but cool. Later, lubricate your feet with cream and finally the main event: varnishing.




First, wipe all fingers with antiseptic wipes. Later the base, then the first layer of varnish and drying in a lamp, and so three layers. By the way, I chose a solid shade of blue. And now the work is complete.



Also @olga.maslievich also received her peach-colored pedicure.


A woman has a nail business right in her house.
They are now making repairs and they have a very interesting atmosphere.


And also her house is filled with a slight smell of gel polish.
For that her son will always treat it normally and he will not have a categorical position...


Thanks for reading!

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