#weekendengagement , what did you do this weekend.


#weekendengagement what did you do?
I hope you know this initiative if not well here is the link:


This week it’s a one photo one so I decided on a blog because a lot has happened. And I am a photo freak. Sorry busted. And there is always a reason to blog about life.
The last thing and the thing that made the most impact on us was the accident in the formula 1 race.


As you may know we follow all races, on tv with the family. Oh and online with @melinda010100
Grand Prix races because we are fans of Max Verstappen. He is Dutch and a top 5 racer in Formula 1. But today was different, very different. In the first round of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean (team Haas) has made a huge crash. In the enormous crash, his car caught fire immediately. Fortunately, the Frenchman managed to get out of his car and that seems a miracle given the images. Thank god! I yelled just seeing the image.

After colliding with Daniil Kvyat, Grosjean banged into the guardrail. His F1 car broke in two and he managed to escape the conflagration himself. Haas's driver appears to have escaped getting roasted in the burning car and death. The halo that is behind the drivers head seems to have saved his life here. Grosjean found himself in the conflagration, but eventually fled the flames just in time. He did get out of the medical car with the necessary support. He suffered two broken toes, given the crash he seems to be getting away with that. We watched the rest of the race that started 50 mi items later due to making the vang rail whole again. With the rims of the safety car, weird day. Max came in second and RedBull was also third with Albon. Bahrein holds the race next week aswell, with a different shaped track, so hopefully again a podium place.
The celebration was with rose water because the non alcoholic Bahrein prohibited the champagne showers on the podium, I thought that was funny.


This image was from the tv broadcasted by ziggo.NL our subscription.
Watching Grand Prix makes hungry.


So After all that excitement it was time to eat and the neighbours had invited the pizza bus for pizza so we ordered aswell. Due to covid the drive to certain places where you can order great way to have pizza freshly made at the door hahaha.




The menu is wonderful.

Prices are reasonable. This is a great idea and in the open air waiting for the pizza is according the Covid laws in the Netherlands.
Everyone happy.



The pizzas were so good...... great meal.


I made a new emoji for my entry for the week 10 on my iPad with a pen.
The new contest for ladies of hive @ladiesofhive is out and this 10th edition has a lot of prizes so all of you lovely ladies please go enter this one, I will aswell.....



Saturday night was Netflix movie night and we watch this lovely married couple work tongetjes again, I will blog about this great family movie next week, it’s a must see, and its so beautifully filmed.


This is our cremlin, I mean dog hahah , the dogs were playing with the kids and I snapped this photo he really looks like an cremlin he does. We all laughter and he looked at us like he was saying :”WHAT?”


Also I love the #letsmakeacollage community and I entered with a mermaid but this is a great one aswell, and I don’t know if you can enter twice so I just use it here and leave you with the link to the contest and my entry , maybe you have a vote left. This is the second one I made also the sea but with a diver this time.



Still 1 day left to enter.

From friday 17.00 till now 22.15 this was a great relaxed weekend, ok I left out the sorting of the attic, where accumulated stuff needs to be sorted and old stuff needs to go, but all in all the rest was very pleasant and we are all ready for the Sinterklaas week in the Netherlands. Lots of fun for the kids, and ready for a new work week.

So what have you done leave your adventures in the comments

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