We all recognise it, the flat plaquettes of gum on the streets, they are the old thrown away chewing gum spots. Because of earth day coming wednesday I thought about the GUMBUDDY, I saw in Rotterdam and wanted to share it in a blog for a while now. Perfect day for it today i guess.

Chewing gum is one off the biggest polluters in the Netherlands and our Planet! Because it takes about 20 years for the gum ( rubber ) to be gone. And it looks dirty. I know there are countries that have fines for throwing the chewing gum on the streets but we don't have that in our country yet.

It is sad to report that the largest polluters are also getting the least attention from the government. The approach of this small, persistent litter is even under pressure because it is overburdened by the approach of the larger litter. GumBuddy is a great really easy to import and cheap solution. It’s a sign in the city of Mother Earth and you just stick the gum on and it will be removed once every two weeks. The manufacturers keeps sticking their neck out for a cleaner city and environment and fortunately more and more municipalities, companies and residents know how to find this great initiative with their own litter campaigns. And in the meantime Gumbuddy has the dream for a cleaner environment without gum ( they also have made a cigarette butts solution ) and are they committed to the recycling process of both chewing gum and cigarette butts.

Did you know that an apple core takes 14 days to be broken down? That a banana peel takes a year and plastic lasts indefinitely? I myself thought that a banana peel would take less time. I also found these numbers shocking. And I always thought I was doing a good job feeding the bird with my apple rests.

If everyone throws a few things on the street every week, everyone can imagine that after a week it already looks dirty and smells bad. What if we do that for a month and do nothing, or even for a year? I don't think I want to get out of the house to go through all the mess. Not only does it look incredibly dirty, but I can't imagine it's healthy. Yet we all feel guilty about it. Now I don't want to point with my finger, but the waste that I can see from my home is absolutely not made by us. Dog turds, an empty can, plastic and paper of all kind. I always take a plastic bag when I walk the dogs and take the waste I come across with me, also their poop

is coming in a plastic bag and thrown away at home in the container, so I don’t have to be annoyed by what I see along the way when we go for a walk. If we only all did a bit that would help so much !

Maybe an idea for all of us for world earth day !!! Untill than the GUMBUDDY is a great idea, although i think it looks groose its better than the gum in and flat dirtying the streets.

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.

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