The Baker - from Ireland to Belize, meet Ken & Emily

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One of the best things about traveling is meeting people from other walks of life. Walking down the dusty street on the island of San Pedro, Belize we journey to The Baker several mornings a week. This jewel of a bakery is owned by a personable couple from Ireland, who moved here seven years ago seeking a warm climate and friendly spot to open their bakery.


They opened their business here on this very spot, both coming from backgrounds in the food industry back in Ireland. Emily, who comes from a small town in Ireland, says one of the things she truly loves (besides the tropical weather!) is the friendliness of the island people and the tourists. The business grew to employ seven local residents. That's actually one of the stipulations when you come to Belize as a foreigner and open a business here - you must employ local workers.

They have survived Hurricane Earl in 2016 and then the calamity of the worldwide covid crisis, which decimated every tourism-related area. Belize just recently reopened its airports to allow tourism again. After being shut down for almost a year, they are back to baking and on the way to a full recovery.

The smell of fresh-baked delicacies greets you at the door. We've tried several things so far and haven't had a disappointment yet. I must say my favorite remains the cinnamon rolls with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. My husband chose a fresh-baked cherry tart.


You can see from the charming chalkboard menus that there are a variety of both pastries and sandwiches and drink options as well. And what would a tropical paradise be without a selection of fresh fruit smoothies to choose from? You also see the cozy wooden bench and table, lined with pillows to make a very comfortable seating option. If you prefer outdoor seating, there are tables outside as well.

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Here you see Emily hard at work. There is always something going in or coming out of the ovens. You want to come early in the day, lots of popular goodies sell out. They also take orders for local businesses. I recently saw several loaves of fresh-baked multigrain bread on the cooling table and was told they were a special order. BUT I was able to beg a loaf for myself because that's just the special kind of people Emily and Ken are!

busy at work.jpg

Ken & Emily keep busy here, but not too busy to chat with their customers. It's one of the best parts of the job they say. So if you make it to this friendly community of San Pedro, Belize be sure to stop in and try The Baker. You won't be sorry! In fact, tell them HI from Vic and Tammy - we've been here enough we're practically family.


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****All photos are my own, taken with my Samsung S21 Ultra.







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