Comment Commitment: Scramble Edition

One Month Left in 2020

There is one month left in 2020 (Hello December) for me to complete my commitment to end the year with 12,000 comments. My friend Will I Makeit is wondering how I'm doing.

Promnitory Ridge.JPG
Promnitory Ridge: The meeting point of the first Transcontinental Railroad in the US.

I have always believed that engagement is THE key to getting to know people on Hive and to that end I always try to leave good personal comments on posts that I have read and enjoyed.

It can and does lead to Hive success. Through comments I can also serve as an example to newer Hivers that are finding their way. I want them all to stay and to thrive here.

I started this self commitment in August with @bashadow and @galenkp. My original goal was to end the year with a modest 10,100 comments. After a month I altered that to a much more realistic 12,000. On October 31 I had totaled 10,421.


As you can see I have 11,341 comments a total for 920 comments in the month of October. That is around 80 short of where I wanted to be a month ago, but it IS on track to make my commitment. I need 659 comments in November to make my total commitment. I can do this deal!

I think I'll make it. I am considering a goal for 2021, an ambitious goal. I have a whole month to think about it!

So why don't you take a swing at this? You could do as I have, pick some low ball number that you KNOW you can make with ease, or do like @galenkp and make a ridiculous commitment. The choice is yours, and you can leave your commitment in the comments section, and count it as your first effort toward your goal!

Then just a simple post at the end of each month to share how you are doing and you are set. Make sue you use #comment-commitment as one tag and you are well on the path to glory and riches.

All words and photographs in this post are mine, including the screenshot. For better or worse

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