To market to market

I know that every country has their own version of super big chains of alcohol outlets. My post to day is sharing Australia's own unique brand called Dan Murphy's. I just happen to need a bottle of white wine for dinner tonight and so had a lovely shopping venture to the local Dan Murphy's located 10 kilometres up the road in a little seaside town called Coolum.


Since it is #marketFriday I took extra time to take some pics to show you the width and breathe of the merchandise, starting with the white wine section.

There is a very wide range on the selves to suit all tastes. I really like Krondorf Reisling, it is a very drinkable dry wine at only $19 a bottle from the Barossa Valley in the Adelaides Hills in South Australia.


Another really pleasant favourite of mine is Mitchell riesling that hails from the Claire Valley which is also a winery located in South Australia with a price of approximately $20 a bottle.

Dan Murphy also imports wine such as Dopff Reisling from au Moulin Alsace in France and is a lovely tasting wine as well.


Dan Murphy boasts of a very wide selection of red wines for the red wine drinkers. They of course range in quality and price. This bottle of red, a Bush Vine Grenache is grown and corked in Mclaren Vale, the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Many Australian and overseas travellers come to South Australia specifically for the purpose of visiting the many wineries in this State.


One is never disappointed with the variety of beer on sale at Dan's. Here is a popular 'Alcoholic Ginger Beer' that is brewed in Broome located in Western Australia's Kimberley region. It is a beer that has grown in popularity of late. The young men in the family enjoy this type of beer.




Distilling gin has become very popular with many boutique gin distilleries popping up across the country. Ink gin is a favourite, a smooth gin that changes to the colour of pink when tonic or soda water is poured over the gin.


I always check out French champagne or Australian bubbles and proseco/ Italian Prosecco. it is good to have a some bottles chilling one the wine rack in the fridge for a toasting occasion that pops up unexpectedly now and then.


Dan Murphy accommodates all shoppers, including the ones who are buying on the way to a parties and want to take some munchies along with their choice of drink. The marketing department have thought of all special tastes.



Not only that Dan encourages gift buying, yes it is all here at this super alcohol store, and can be bought on the way to the celebratory party. So convenient for busy people.




I completely understand the incredible attraction Dan Murphy has for the everyday Australian. I am one Australia who visits any enjoys this store for the odd bottle of wine and carton or six pack of beer. It was one if not the most popular stores for Australians during the covid lockdown last year.

Although I also buy online from winery cellar doors it is so very convenient easy to drive up the road for that odd bottle. And anyway it is #marketFriday along with a rhyme that has been playing overtime in my head.

To market, to market
to buy a bottle of wine
Home again home again
to sip while we dine.

Cheers and thank you for dropping by to read my post.


I did buy a six pack of beer called Furphy. It is brewed in the state of Victoria and has a most entertaining television ad. I have downloaded it from youtube for a laugh. It is a 'beauty'; I do wonder if the ad encourages people to buy the beer?




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Thank you


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