Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Being confident, willing to take on challenges, being able to bounce back when knocked down, being determined, sticking to a decision that you feel is right for you and genuinely liking yourself all point to you as a confident sensible person who is comfortable in your own skin. The list is fairly long and may vary from person to person but overall if you cope with life's challenge and come through intact then it is a surety that you are most certainly comfortable in your own skin.

We would all like to think that we are a resilient, level-headed and socially/emotionally intelligent all the time. But life throws us curve balls now and then, challenges that hit hard, flattening and upsetting us and not surprisingly we fall into a pity pit of woe. This is the world of self-doubt and self-recriminations and maybe accompanied with feelings of sadness or even depression.

It happens to everyone and how we cope is dependent on what is taking place in our lives at these times. We can all recall the hard times knowing we could have done better. But no one is perfect and hey it is more about what we learn from the downers than not. Practice makes perfect and anyway it helps us to understand others, whether they are co-workers, friends, a brother or sister who are doing it tough. Helping others is not easy, we cannot just tell them how to think or act, they need to decide to do whatever. Criticisms and judgements certainly does not cut it. If you have been in this situation as a friend, manager of staff, a counsellor or a boss you would know only too well that it is sheer hard work.

Everyone has to arrive at their own epiphany. If they do not reach the solutions stage or do not want the help there is nothing that can be done. All we we do is accept them for who they are unless you are a boss and it is performance development plan meeting. Everyone is on a journey of self-realisation, of being consciously aware of how he/she fits in. Everyone asks why, how, who and what? They may not be individuals who appear to be comfortable in their own skins but if they are happy then who is to judge either one way or other.

Looking back on my life and my role in the workforce I recall my supervisor working with me and then me acting in a supervisory position with staff. I would hope I have developed diplomacy, wisdom, tact and increased awareness of people skills, especially knowing when and when not to assist others. We never stop learning that is for sure.



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