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Ok, no problems, I bought that orchid for myself.

This had me laughing for some reason.

First of all, this plant screams beauty. What?
The colour of its flowers is so rich.
I am hopeful she would enjoy her new home and be a survivor!

When is celebrated Mother's Day in your country? Have you received any gifts if you are a mother or have you had to take care of yourself as the writer of this post?

For us here, Mother's day is celebrated on different days by different churches. I am an Anglican, so ours was the 4th Sunday of March. The Catholics celebrated their own last week Sunday. There is also a different day set aside for International Women's Day which was before Mothers Day.

For my mother, I got her, her favourite wines...

I need to have a word with your son.😅😅😅
The writer of this post cannot and should not be taking care of herself.
She needs to be pampered and treated sweetly.
I mean, imagine having someone this awesome as your mother and you are slacking on gifting her whatever she wants?

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