Climbing Through The Invisible And Invincible

Every time I see a magnificent mountain, it reminds me of an incredible story of struggle, failure, and success.

Not all progress in life is barely visible to the senses. Every so often, no one else could see it except a humble soul.

Perhaps behind every proud soul is an invisible progress no one else could see except a humble self. Every day is a great chance to see extraordinary and praiseworthy progress of ourselves, even if no one has seen it. We always have a whale of time to be confident about ourselves but let us remain humble every time.

As quiet and calm as the still mountains against the glorious sky.

Let our soul be confident. Let our spirit be invincible while remaining humble. Feeling immense happiness from within and uplifting self is vital, for no one can do it for us constantly.

I may have some progress in life, but many hurdles exist. Grabbing every opportunity that knocks on my door daily may often lead to overwhelming gain as I take pride in the invisible progress of an invincible self—and being proud with a humble heart even if no one has seen a graceful improvement.

There are a thousand reasons why I remain happy despite mistakes, failures, and regrets. I take pride in myself for trying and failing, proud of a humble destination with a bumpy road and invisible progress with a meek heart.

As I climb through the invisible and invincible, I always live with a humble heart.

Recognize an invincible self.

It has been a long, winding road with a lot of unexpected rejections and redirections, but we were able to manage a life that is full of priceless moments. We have made it this far until this very moment as we continually make progress and create a progressive self. Take pride in our strengths while recognizing our weaknesses to get more fulfillment and satisfaction. Let us be more than proud as we humbly remain the real us.

Acknowledge trying and failing.

Keep trying, and at the same time, never be afraid of failing. Trying and failing and trying over proves that we have greatly embraced success every time, for we did not give up despite failures in life. The key is to seek improvement every day to see our progress, especially the progress that no one has seen. Let us be more than ready to try and do our best even if we fail a thousand times. Feel good that we have remained standing gracefully despite the personal and intellectual failures of our existence.

Appreciate detours of life.

Appreciating a beautiful destination despite detours manifests a grateful heart. Sometimes rejections and directions come, but as we go along the way, an attractive destination is meant for us. Life is a long journey wherein a thriving destination is a view of both trial and error in which we have greatly learned from our best life experiences.

Let us feel the moments after eventually succeeding and reaching a beautiful destination. Not everyone has gone through what we have done, and not everyone is happy about how we live our lives. Learning to appreciate a long and bumpy road will attract positivity along the way.

Value an invisible progress

Not everyone is happy with our progress and every increment we have made, and sometimes we keep it in our most comfortable zones.

Nevertheless, let us learn the art of valuing invisible progress. Let us be proud of the imperceptible progress and the progress of our invincible self, even if no one can see it except for ourselves.

The eyes can barely notice not all life improvement, yet this progress could be a source of immense fulfillment and satisfaction. More essential in life is our self-fulfillment and not the approval of others, even if no one would ever clap and celebrate with us. Hold on and believe that we have our esteemed self that could extremely glorify everything.

Treasure a humble spirit.

Treasuring a humble spirit shows how we stay grounded no matter what and who we are. A humble heart does not tantamount to any luxurious things, so let us be proud with a humble heart. Be confident and invincible, yet we have to balance it significantly with both kindness and humility. Always feel good by creating a positive and healthy atmosphere and continually manifest high self-esteem while radiating positivity to everyone.

Every glorious mountain I see along the way teaches me a lesson to be proud of my invisible progress and, consequently, be proud of my invincible self with a humble spirit.

Sometimes the key to a happy life is to keep a humble spirit while taking pride in the unstoppable progress of an indestructible self without making anyone feel bad about themselves.

Most importantly, it feels so good to appreciate others as how we understand ourselves and learn to reciprocate with perfect intention. Thus, climbing through the invisible and invincible requires humility and meekness.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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