How to win 45 Hive in one afternoon playing poker at Hive and for free!

This Saturday, March 26, participate in the "FREEROLL 100 HIVE NLH Snook'em Tourney" poker tournament in the room that organizes daily free tournaments.

The tournament, as its name suggests, was sponsored by @snook, I recommend that you follow their posts, they are really interesting.
26 participants signed up for the tournament, a number that seems low to me since 100 Hive were distributed in prizes and access is completely free.

It was not a long tournament, more or less 1 hour and a half. I started the lathe quietly, the truth is that the Cards did not accompany me much. We were 3 tables and at mine there was quite a lot of activity. The fun was guaranteed, some give and take but not many players out of the game.

As the blinds progressed, things started to get interesting with some all-in included.

There were four paid seats and I was running out of chips as I lost a couple of hands I was involved in.
I went all in when we were close to the money, unfortunately they saw it but I was lucky, I was ahead and won.

That increased my chip stack and being in the money made me feel much more comfortable. From there you can start making your game, I like short tables. And between a mixture of success and luck I managed to get 4 of the last 5 players and take the prize.

Here is the final play:


I hope I have not bored you with my story and I would love to see you at the tables. There are lots of prizes and it's free. But above all it is very funny.

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