Huge Announcement This Will Change My Life Forever!

This is my first attempt ever at uploading a video and introducing myself here on 3Speak so if you have any suggestions or tips be sure to drop them in the comments and be sure to subscribe and come with me on this amazing adventure.

One of the hardest but most refreshing things to do is a move. It can be stressful, complicated and down right taxing on your body and mind. I took such a pluge recently as a once in a life time opportunitiy came my way and I just had to act on it!

I'm Moving!

So many wonderful things happened in this house and parting with it was so hard.

My stream and brand grew considerably, working with notable brands like Rocket Mortgage, Nutter Butter, LG, Hersheys, Maybelline and even Miller Lite!

I also experienced a randbox of hair colors from Pink, Purple, Blond and even blue!

But one of the biggest things was adding to the family as I brought home and welcomed into my life my first ever pet Kintla a Karelian bear dog.

So many memories have filled this house and made it so difficult to leave but I now believe this is something I was meant to do.

Walking out of the house for the last time I paused for a moment to reflect on my life and realize the most wonderful miracles happened after I took leaps of faith. This move is a GIANT leap of faith that puts me out of my element but feels so right.

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