Spectrumecons 7 Week Challenge – Challenge 7: Return on Investment (Buy your Coin) Results

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Welcome to the results post for Challenge 7: Return on Investment (Buy your Coin). This is the final challenge in this series of challenges. This post contains the results of this final challenge as well as the results of the overall challenge series.

What is the Return on Investment (Buy your Coin) Challenge?

Out of the seven challenges, this challenge is the most basic. It simply involves selecting the cryptocurrency most likely to increase most in value over a 7-day period. Participants are given the choice of 12 coins to buy. Participants could focus on one coin, a few coins, or spread their risk over all 12 coins. To win the challenge, a participant must earn the highest profit.

Responses to the challenge are made in the comments section of the challenge post. The account with the winning entry will receive Hive equivalent to 5 times the number of participants (e.g. if the challenge has 6 participants, the prize will be 30 Hive (5 × 6)). The maximum prize for this challenge is 60 Hive. In addition to the winning prize, the first 12 entries are given upvotes. In addition to the prize in Hive, the winner receives 25 points, second place 15 points, and third place 10 points; these points contribute to determining the overall challenge series winner.

The format of the required entry is explained in detail in the challenge itself.

For a more detailed explanation, you can access the challenge post using the following link.


Other challenges

There are six other challenges in the series. They can be accessed below.

Results of the contest

Table 1 contains the prices of all 12 cryptocurrencies on the buying and the selling dates as well as the percentage change in price.

Table 1: Cryptocurrency prices (buying and selling)


Table 2 contains the profit made by each participant based on the cryptocurrencies they chose to buy.

Table 2: Participants Profit


The winner of Challenge 7 is @kennyskitchen with a profit of $27,054. @kennyskitchen spread the $100,000 evenly ($25,000 each) over Dogecoin, Solana, Cardano, and Monero. @kennyskitchen wins 20 Hive and 25 points. In second place is @crrdlx with a profit of $12,703 and is awarded 15 points. In third place is @diebitch with a profit of $8,372 and is awarded 10 points.

Challenge Series Winner

The challenge series winner is the participant who has accumulated the most points over the course of the challenge. The total number of participants (total number of entries overall) who have entered the challenges determines the prize; 33 participants have entered the challenge series. Below is the breakdown of the number participants for each challenge.

  • Challenge 1: 4
  • Challenge 2: 8
  • Challenge 3: 4
  • Challenge 4: 3
  • Challenge 5: 6
  • Challenge 6: 6
  • Challenge 7: 4

For each participant, the prize increases by 1 Hive. Therefore, the series winner will be awarded 35 Hive.

Below are the rankings for the challenge series based on overall scores.

Challenge Series Final Ranking


The overall winner of the Spectrumecons Challenge series is @crrdlx. Congratulations on winning 35 Hive. In order to accumulate the points to win this series, @crrdlx entered all 7 challenges, won once, placed second once, and placed third once. Persistence and consistency certainly paid off.

I would like to thank all those who have entered this challenge series over the past seven weeks. I look forward to running another series next year.

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