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Some tips to conquer Western pancakes
Banh xeo is a dish that is very familiar to everyone because every region has it, here I would like to share about Western pancakes, Western pancakes are more special than other regions in size, compared to banh xeo. In the North and Central regions, Western pancakes must be twice as big, and the crust must be very thin and crispy.



Rice flour: 200g
Turmeric powder: 10g
Cassava root: 2 bulbs
Filtered water: 260ml
Pork belly: 250g-400gr
Fresh shrimp: 200g if available is very delicious
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom: 40g
Onions: 80g
Bean sprouts: 100g
Green onions: 50g
Purple onion: 1 piece
Fresh ginger: 1 medium
Lemon: 1 fruit
Spices of all kinds: fish sauce, garlic, chili, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, pepper.
Assorted raw vegetables served.


Here, if my house pancakes are poured according to the standards of Western pancakes, they are still not right, not big enough, not really crispy according to standards, only on a "family" scale.
How to pour banh xeo is probably known to everyone, here I would like to share some of my own "heirloom secrets" summed up after many times "conquering" this Western pancake.
First, is the stage of mixing the dough, the cake dough is the most important part, whether the pancakes are delicious or not is at this stage to decide. The recipe for making cake dough that is both fragrant and fatty, for a long-lasting crispy pancake product includes:

  • Finely chopped scallions or chives. (It's okay if I don't have it because I have a small child at home who doesn't like to eat green onions, so I don't put it in).
  • Mix all together, stir well until dissolved, medium liquid, slightly viscous. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes, then start pouring.
    In the above recipe, you can replace rice flour with commercially available deep-fried flour if you don't have good rice flour.
    Next, raw vegetables are an important ingredient that contributes to making the cake more delicious and not boring, eating pancakes without raw vegetables will lose 50% of its deliciousness. I live in the South, so when I talk about raw vegetables, I have to say it's immense. If I go to the market and say I sell a bunch of "forest vegetables", I will get a bunch of vegetables that I have to say dear: lettuce, sassafras, lettuce. fish, cinnamon leaves, toad leaves, mango leaves, soi frogs, cloves, cassava leaves... of course, you must have mustard greens to roll.
    Has anyone tried rolling banh xeo with guise leaves yet? I guarantee it's delicious, guise leaves are an indispensable vegetable when eating pancakes for me, even without having to earn it.
    The next important factor is fish sauce. Fish sauce must be salty, sweet, and sour. Floating above the red color of chili, the fish sauce is golden in color. You can add grated green mango or carrot, white radish soaked in sugar vinegar to add flavor and deliciousness. My sweet and sour fish sauce recipe:


  • Cook fish sauce according to the following ratio: 1 fish sauce + 1 rock sugar + 1.5 filtered water (if you use fresh coconut water, it will taste better but it won't last long) (eg: 1 cup fish sauce + 1 cup) rock sugar + 1.5 cups of filtered water).
  • Cook on low heat until the sugar dissolves, boil, then add half a pineapple cut into slices and cook for another 15 minutes.
  • Let the mixture cool down, add lemon juice (about 1 lemon), if you don't use lemon juice, use the juice to be more delicious, depending on the sour taste of each person.


  • Finally, add minced garlic and chili, garlic and chili will float on top to create a beautiful color.
    Finally, eat banh xeo using your hands to roll the cake and feel the warmth and crispiness of the cake





Thanks for reading my post. 😊


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