What would it take to Clone the HIVE blockchain?

What would it take to Copy & Paste the HIVE blockchain?

I don't mean a hard-fork, as with STEEM->HIVE, I mean taking the codebase of HIVE, removing the users, balances, and all the other transaction history, then tweaking various things, and re-launching as a new chain.

There's multiple communities and groups that I am recommending simply build themselves on HIVE, like @leofinance, @naturalmedicine, and @weedcash... but there's a few things that seem like they need their own chain, their own governance, their own coin.

In particular, I'm thinking of Freedom Cells, currently operating as freedomcells.org, and a whole mess of Telegram groups & channels, Signal groups, Session & Matrix servers, and much more... All without any really good way to archive & search for data, no centralization of the things you want (classifieds knowledge, etc.) and too much centralization of the things you don't (website hosting)...

So why not start a Freedom Cells blockchain, using HIVE as the template - we can easily create classifieds, use it for governance, have our own internal local currency, build on something like @pinmapple, and on and on and on.

Basically, we're wanting to start very small scale, with a regional approach, then as more regions and freedom cells come online, the network itself would gather more nodes as it grows.

Circling back around

So, back to the top here, what would it take to clone the HIVE blockchain?

I know we would need witness nodes, and at least one API node... but I'm very curious if anyone has any insights into how much time & energy might go into creating a clone of HIVE?

At the moment, I'm thinking I'll probably just put up the crypto to have someone who is experienced with HIVE/STEEM dev help us get up & running. At the moment I'm mostly trying to get a sense of what kind of project we should be expecting, and what sort of specific things to point our tech folks to, so they can begin building the skills needed to work on this.

Just going to tag a couple people I know who may have insights into this: @lukestokes @tibra @taskmaster4450 @aggroed @ura-soul

Thanks everyone!

Hope you're all having a magnificent day!

If someone thinks that the actual foundation for a project like this should be something other than HIVE, please let me know.

Based on my knowledge & understanding in the crypto world so far, this seems like the best project to pivot into a semi-private chain like this.

Thanks for your input! 100% of rewards burnt

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