Introducing myself

Hi hivians,
My name is Bridget Ossom from Akwa-ibom state, I am 19 years old, average in height, dark in complexion, black is my favourite colour.
I was introduced to hive by my elder sister @treasuree and because of the fact that I love writing and Reading too I gave interest in it giving the fact that I would be able to learn more from it and be able to boost my writing skills and lots more with what I see here that gladdens my heart the more

Well i am a student awaiting admission into the university of uyo, here in Nigeria Akwa-ibom state but due to the ongoing strike that is now seven months old, there has been total shut down of all school activities and no admission process is going on now, so I decided that instead of being idle and doing nothing waiting for ASUU to call off the strike I would rather invest my time here and gain more knowledge.

Apart from the fact that reading and writing being part of the things I like doing I also like dancing learning new moves, I also like meeting new people getting to know more people and also giving and acquiring more knowledge from people too.

You might be wondering how I came about my username, I will explain it here.

For the pearls it a name I just seems to get attached to, and for the uddy it actually the short form of my dialect name Uduak meaning Gods will.

If you are wondering about my kind of person well here I am.
Am a jovial person , free with everyone easy going too, I also try to blend in anywhere I find myself in, And i don't discriminate or underrate anyone, I see everyone equally since we were all created by God,
I try to be put my best in everything I do, I not the kind if person to get angry easily, when I am being hurt by anyone I would let the person that he or she has offended me, I don't hold grudges against anyone and I love being me.
Well that's a that about me.
And I hope my joining this community would be a big testimony and I hope I will be able to learn more too

Thank you

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