PIMP 2.0

I told everyone for quite awhile to just hold on to your PIMP tokens as I was far from finished with this little baby. The trouble I was having, was finding a developer that wanted to put the time in to help make this thing great. And let it be known - I am far from finished with the PIMP media umbrella. Also, I am disappointed the way the whole 'scotbot' front-end played out. I think it sux shit and am not surprised if nobody posts over there. I can't even get votes to go through! But, that's not stopping us from moving forward. New hosting will be in the future I'm sure. We are hoping this all works out like I envisioned with the revenue sharing, so be patient while we work out the kinks and set this little bitch free.

Revenue Sharing?

Yes! With the help of @theguruasia, we think we may have finally gotten some interesting rewards for all the loyal hardworking PIMPs out there! We gonna backhand this shit with 95% (subject to change at PIMPs' discretion) liquid sharing of any streams we pull in from the @tokenpimp account on Hive-Engine every day. I have funded it somewhat, and will continue to feed it until I think it can hold its own corner. There are a few tokens we will be hodling for the benefit of all the PIMPs, but everything else will go to you badasses. Currently, tokens on the sharing list are:

Hey, Hey Witty, Can I Help?

Of course! There are two ways a fellow PIMPed out bruva or sista can do such a thing. Obviously, go buy some PIMP. HA! All proceeds from the sales from the @tokenpimp account will be used to stack even higher the things that are giving us all the best returns. I will sell 100k at a time, starting initially at 0.1 HIVE. The other thing you can do, is delegate your HIVE power (HP) to the @tokenpimp account itself.

I have already put 20,000 HP on there personally to start building some curation rewards. These will be powered down on the 1st of every month and every week, we will purchase more tokens to keep stacking the shit out of our portfolios and bolstering the overall Hive economy. We will even have a weekly meeting for all the PIMPs (and those aspiring young slappers) to discuss what direction we should take. The meeting will be held in the Castle where #thecryptopimp resides on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM CST. Hump day. You already guessed that, right? Bwahahahaaa!

Furthermore, anyone that chooses to delegate Hive Power (HP) to the @tokenpimp, will be put in an autovoter and voted on 100% (to be adjusted, relative to the size and number of delegations) once every 24 hours. Currently, it is set to follow votes on my own trail to begin the curation stacking. Another way to say thank you for the support.

It may not be much at first, but it will grow. It is also privy to only the top 50 accounts that have PIMP staked. This number is liable to change as it grows over here. If you are a PIMP, I strongly urge you to take part in the meetings and assist in guiding the future of all PIMPs. Oh, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when cannibalism is outlawed in most countries.

In Cooperation With:

VAULT from the @hiveupme teamWINEX by @roger.remixTANgent by @theguruasia

Killer Posts I'm PIMPin':

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chaoslegion splinterlands hive thecryptopimp.gifThe Chaos is inevitable.
The Legions will swarm.
Prepared to shatter the norm?
Have what it takes to brawl?
Maybe you're just a chicken.
Maybe you have the nerve?
Maybe you don't.
I'm guessing you don't.
Think you do?
Come find me.
I dare you.
I DARE you to play.

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