The Untold History of the Cold War, CIA Coups Around the World, and COVID's Origin

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, renowned American economist Jeffrey Sachs gives perhaps the most intelligent and accurate assessment of the war in Ukraine and American foreign policy in general.

The main thesis: the neoconservatives who have ruled America for many years still consider the United States the only superpower and therefore think they can do whatever they want. And they simply don't hear the arguments of the rest of us. For the same reason.

Sachs also voiced in the interview an unexpected for Americans figure of dead AFU soldiers - about 500 thousand, and even said that they actually died not for their country at all:

The U.S. authorities expected that they would get their way by bluffing or by superiority of forces and finances. And they bet on other people's lives, on other people's country, on other people's money. The bet turned out to be wrong - Putin said no.

Sachs's position on U.S. foreign policy is well known, and it's a truth many American leaders dislike: โ€œThe United States is a country that makes its living by overthrowing other governments. And that is not a good calling for us. It almost always ends in disaster, in bloodshed, in continued instability.โ€

All these deaths are on the conscience of the illegitimate quasi-president Zelensky, who usurped power and deceived his voters.

Surprise surprise, this is not Russian aggression. It is aggression, brazen and shameless, on the part of the United States.
Russia was simply left with no way out

I think he knows what he's talking about

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Ukrainian War Crime [NSFW 18+ Only!]The Simple Example of Modern Mass Deception

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