Bastards are Trying to Change the Law - Making Holocausts in Oz a Real Danger

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The dystopia is real, Satan is running Australia

You know you've entered into a Dystopian twilight zone when, as happened to me yesterday, you stumble across a slimy National Party MP slyly altering the BioSecurity Act 2015. Thinking we are all zombies from Kerry Chants NWO torture lockdown, so it'll be a fait accompli before any of the public realise once again the rogue regime has shafted us in the worse possible way.

As I have explain in previous posts, its this Federal Legislation that all the States are breaching with the mask and lockdown mandates. As it is now such orders can only be made and enforced if a Judge issues a biosecurity control order in the name of that specific person. Hence telling 5million people to imprison themselves at home is illegal.
But check out in the clipping below what these evil MF plan.


Notice its very clear control orders are for a single individual.


Yep! Yatzee and bingo.

This opens the way for the to run all the new concentration camps at capacity, who wants to bet it will be dissidents and the un-vaxed rounded up first. At this point they may not even bother to lie about it. But I am certain that a trip to the camps is going to be a one way journey.


I've been raising all kinds of noise about it but the sheeple are asleep and we already know the majority of those with influence have gone over to the dark-side. So My hopes of stopping it passing is low. That said a friend started a petition which if we can keep the censors hands off it and escape a shadow ban, might delay them somewhat.

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So my best option action wise is to raise public awareness that this is happening. Do repost, reblog, share, and maybe just maybe we can stall these monsters long enough to get a mass of sheeple angry. To any of you with your head still up your butt mumbling "never in Australia" you'd better pucker-up snowflake cause this has done its 2nd reading and is before the Reps. Get your 'In-Denial' mouth ready to eat evil regime ass cause next time you open you door it may be to get the** Final Solution.**

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I'll end on a sobering note. Below are the Steps to Genocide, count as you cross off each one we've seen happen. No need to say what step, I know with this law change we are on step 7.

In 1996, Gregory Stanton, the founding president of Genocide Watch, presented a briefing paper called "The 8 Stages of Genocide" at the United States Department of State. In it he suggested that genocide develops in eight stages that are "predictable but not inexorable". (wikki)

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