Avoid Elite Blockchains by Spotting Globalist Crypto with 5 Clues


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Below are the 5 clues I use to see if a crypto project has been tainted by assoc with the WEF globalist agenda

(CLUE 1) Public Partnership.

Its a no brainer as long as you remember that when you visit the creep uncles house, its wise to look in all the rooms as the torture equipment gets moved around. eg Ripple/XRP One crypto that used to be the Globalists 'poster-child' is still openly favored they hopeXRP can beat the SEC and come back to sleepover in Davos soon. WEF (World Economic Forum) from what I can infer, is hoping to use XRP blockchain bridging function tech to control or as a bare min monitor, all the Crypto that use the bridge. Remember the Globalists are all about top down totalitarian control. Facts, not theory. Others found in the house @Davos are $ALGO $ADA $CELO $SOLO $XRP $XLM I still have doubts that Cardano is engaged to marry the Beast, Founder Charles Hoskings would prefer the relationship be view as platonic, and perhaps he thinks such a thing is possible. But the WEF amount of control is often subtle.


(CLUE 2) Subtle Crypto-Courting.

Often overlooked, this type of entanglement with crypto is often the precursor to a extended pact. Looking at Cardano Foundation roadmap (below) and Structure there appears to be places that a powerful 'donor' could direct policy and actions while maintaining superficial governance as a de-centralised chain.


(CLUE 3) Mutually Aligned Goals.

When spotting (not a pun) this type of connect its usually a light-bulb moment. I'll just give 2 example, Internet Of Things IOT it fits like a glove, technocracy is doomed to failure with out the internet of things IOT. When goals align the crypto project funding is usually mentioned in media releases. It should be no surprise the Elites big on robotics. Since they are openly saying the reset involves massive depopulation the robotics industry should be monitored as a future threat as a mass produced weaponised version of Boston Dynamics 'spot' in yellow could be used effectively against a human race still in shock from a vaccine cull I expect to take 5-7yrs. Cardano securing the Africa deal may have been with WEF help, both want to dominate in Africa using Cardano smart contracts to track, trace and KYC an entire nation....motivations may be poles apart if you look deeper.


(CLUE 4) Fountains of Wealth.

Sounds corny but a project with bottomless coffers springing from nowhere nearly fully fledged also has a neon stamp saying check me for WEF branding. When said project is a foundation of nobody techs in Switzerland, and the roadmap to take over the internet sets 2030 as the date. D'Finity Foundation is too in the face, project ICP or internet computer. Complex to the point of a borderline singularity machine, Coin Bureau did the best review and special mention to host Guy for spotting the chink in the design that would allow a secret controller to exist in the shadows and overide anything at anytime behind a de-centralised facade.


(CLUE 5) Two Common Features

the 2 features below will be found in all the projects under globalist sway.

a) Pyramids. Do look closer at any project setup in the pyramid power structure, but the structure is present in the majority of Centralised Govt projects, so think of it as an extra confirm underlining more definitive evidence of connection.
**b) KYC. ** Mandatory ID verification. Its delusional to think they invented KYC and we've yet to see how good the vax nano tech does as a global track, trace, kill system, but when looking at any project I've yet to find one connected to the WEF that has anon access . As with the IOT, kyc is going to be part of anything they deal with. But its common with nation states so use as icing on the cake only.


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