Shocking & Disturbing: Dr. Carrie Madej Reveals Creepy Findings of 1st US Lab Examination of 'Vaccine' Vial Contents

On September 30, Dr. Carrie Madej joined Stew Peters in an intervew which was almost immediately censored from YouTube, to discuss the revealing findings of the very first US lab examination of Covid 'vaccine' vial contents. Contents of Moderna vials from two different batches and as well as a Johnson & Johnson vial were examined under a microscope in the lab, revealing that contrary to official claims, J&J injections are in fact using lipid nanoparticle delivery systems, while Dr. Madej also described seeing "graphene-like structrues" which, after some time, began emanating brilliant colors, a phenomenon observed in both injection solutions. She then observed the "self-assembling" of seemingly sentient synthetic nanotechnology or microorganisms. During the examinations of both Moderna injection solutions, a tentacled thing formed and then even lifted itself up off the glass plate. Listen to the interview for additional insight into what is being put into this chemical soup being injected into millions of humans across the planet, a number of photos documenting these observations, and what Dr. Madej believes these disturbing findings indicate, based upon the Gates'-sponsored "Wellness pass" project currently being tested across West Africa, and what she was told by leaders at a business meeting she previously attended in Atlanta in regards to 'vaccine passport' plans and Agenda 2020 goal to track the entire human race and completely digitilze a one-world global currency. This global injection coercion campaign may well be the beginning of Klaus Schwabb's transhumaninst agenda and the merging of man with machine.

On the "Wellness Pass" program:

Klaus Scwabb on transhumanism - changing YOU with genetic editing:

Video transcript (slightly redacted for brevity):

Stay tuned, as an in-depth post built on these findings and a whole bunch of related evidence is in the works and will be posted in the near future...

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