Clown World Cult: NY Gov. Recruiting Mandavaxx ‘Apostles’ & FDA Official Advocating Nazi-Style ‘Registry’ of Unvaccinated, ‘Door-to-Door’ Forced Injection - ‘Vaccine Is From God To Us’, ‘Blow Dart It Into Them’


The mandavaxxers have been increasingly showing their true colors in recent days, and they are the colors of a fanatical cult actively seeking to forcibly convert the entire population into its dogmatic religious worship of Big Pharma, their almighty ‘god and savior’ Jabbo, and their cult leaders - the priests and prophets of this new world religion; the government officials, agencies, and ‘experts’ demanding blind obedience to their tyrannical edicts, trust in their demonstrably deceptive words, and belief in their nonsensical ‘science’.

On Sunday, September 26, New York governor Kathy Hochul preached a radical cult-like message in her address to thousands of congregates attending a nondenominational mega church service held at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, claiming the experimental Covid ‘vaccine’ was an answer to her prayers and a gift from God that all “smart people” and all those “listening to God” willingly accept without question.

I prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what – God did answer our prayers,” Hochul said. “He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers – he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God. Thank you. And I wear my ‘vaccinated’ necklace all the time to say I’m vaccinated. All of you, yes, I know you’re vaccinated, you’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are.”

One relevant question a truly intelligent mind would immediately think to ask Kathy is why, if the ‘vaccine’ is truly “from God to us,” then why did God give us such a dangerous and ineffective injection? If this experimental injection was truly from God, couldn’t he have “made” the scientists come up with a far safer and more effective ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t have so many seriously dangerous and deadly adverse reactions, and that ‘protects’ against the current ‘vaccine resistant’ variants and doesn’t have such a fast fading ‘efficacy’?

Does God really want people getting seriously injured and dying from the ‘vaccine’? Because they are, that much has been openly albeit begrudgingly admitted by the very same authorities that turn right around and continue to claim it is ‘totally safe’ in their mad rush to vaccinate the entire population.

As National Review noted in their piece on the subject published on September 27: “At this hour, despite the governor declaring that everyone in the state must listen to God and do as God wants, there is no complaint from Americans United for Separation of Church and State.”

The governor didn’t stop with religious and intellectual shaming of those who choose not to get this injection either, she literally went on to call on Christians to become her personal “apostles” and spread the gospel of universal injection for all as the only acceptable way to ‘love’ our neighbors as Jesus taught. “I need you to be my apostles,” said the high priestess of this religious cult, now wearing a vaxxed necklace in place of the cross.

“I need you to be my apostles," Hochul told her audience. "I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other. We love each other.’ Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, ‘Please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live. I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools. I want to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody.' You don't want to get the virus from them. You're already sick or you wouldn't be there."

The very next day this tyrant’s statewide mandate for healthcare workers went into effect, and her religious call for compliance was clearly directed towards those with religious objections to this ‘vaccine’ and the compulsory injection campaign being used in an attempt to force it upon the unwilling. In NYC, ‘vaccine passports’ are also required for the general public for entry into restaurants and a number of other businesses, with the state as a whole leading the charge towards universal mandatory vaccination in this country, in close competition with California in this regard.

New York is one of the few states which does not offer religious vaccine exemptions for anyone, for any reason, and the new governor Hochul has been waging war against those seeking such religious exemptions all month.

“I'm not aware of a sanctioned religious exemption from any organized religion," she told reporters during a Sept. 16 press briefing. "In fact, they are encouraging the opposite. Everybody from the pope on down is encouraging people to get vaccinated."

In a more recent press briefing, she declared that “there are not legitimate religious exemptions because the leaders of all the organized religions have said there's no legitimate reason,” saying “we’re gonna win that in court in a matter of days,”and explaining that her approach is to “ask” people to take the jab because “it is proven to be safe,” insisting that “this [resistance] is so unnecessary.” Her way of ‘asking’ is coercion by dictatorial mandate which leaves healthcare workers who object with immediate termination, and “not eligible for unemployment insurance without a doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.”

As to that promised court win coming up, a Federal appeals court on September 30 actually ruled against Hochul and in favor of nurses who had filed for an injunction against the mandates, temporarily forcing the state to honor religious exemption requests while it decides the constitutionality of the mandate, a decision that will come after a panel of Judges takes up the case on October 16. Until then, unvaccinated New York nurses still have a job.

Hochul’s talking points are among the core beliefs shared by all those indoctrinated into this cult; that the ‘vaccine’ is humanity’s only salvation and has been ‘proven to be safe’, and it is therefore their duty to convert all nonbelievers by any and all means necessary, that the compliant ‘vaccine’ recipients are ‘smart’ and the ‘vaccine hesitant’ folk all ignorant uneducated retards, that forcing the injection on those who object is the only ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ of mass resistance to the universal vaccination agenda, and that there are no legitimate religious objections to vaccination, because the cult leaders say so.

Every cult denies the legitimacy of all other religious beliefs and prohibits members from holding beliefs and engaging in practices that fall outside of the constraints and boundaries instituted by the cult leader(s). This arbitrary denial of the deeply held religious and ethical convictions of millions of Americans based upon the subjective pronouncements of a few religious leaders illuminates the cultish mentality of these mandavaxxers, along with their attempts to egregiously violate Americans’ 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion. They are declaring that: ‘Your religious beliefs/convictions/practices are invalid because our religious leaders say so, and therefore everyone must convert and worship our way’, And this is both tyrannical and evidence of a cult attempting to make itself into a one-world religion that allows no faith or forms of worship apart from theirs.

At the same time, the leaders of organized religion alone cannot dictate the religious beliefs and convictions of each individual, and freedom of religion must allow for the beliefs of people who fall both within and outside the constraints of organized, institutionalized religion; otherwise freedom of religion has already been lost.

As one Twitter user pointed out, and the state of Tennessee has made clear in its “Religious Accommodation Guidelines” document: “Religious beliefs are not only those beliefs held by traditional, organized religions, but also include moral or ethical beliefs as to what is right or wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views."


There’s also some sanity to be found in Pennsylvania as well, where one hospital chain has even begun offering ‘vaccine’ mandate exemptions to the naturally immune. Unfortunately, such rational and truly science-based policies are few and far between.

As to the governor’s claim that the ‘vaccines’ have been “proven to be safe,” this is pure propaganda and absolutely false, as adverse ‘vaccine’ reactions have admittedly both hospitalized and killed people, and it is therefore demonstrably dangerous, no matter how prevalent that harm may be.

‘Vaccine’ injury from these experimental injections is very real, very serious, widespread, and larger in scale than all previously manufactured vaccines combined, with no amount of suppression, censorship or willful ignoring of this reality able to make it disappear. This ‘other side of the story’ which is being universally censored and suppressed by the Covid Cult leadership is nonetheless still being told the world over, it just isn’t being televised:

Given the available evidence, many independent thinkers would naturally conclude that this ‘vaccine’ is not a gift from God at all, who should certainly be capable of giving humanity a method of healing that doesn’t involve mass casualties in the form of thousands of deaths and injuries, but rather the work of the ‘devil’, whether literally or metaphorically speaking.

Meanwhile the notion that the vaccinated are the “smart ones” and the unvaccinated a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, mostly white Trump supporters is in fact a complete inversion of reality, as both polling and front line pro-vaccine doctors fighting to overcome ‘vaccine hesitancy’ indicate.

“I know many think the vaccine-hesitant are dumb or just misinformed; that’s not at all what I’ve seen,” Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an emergency medicine physician based in New Orleans, explained in his presentation given at the September 17 FDA safety meeting on Pfizer ‘boosters’. “In fact, typically, independent of education level, the vaccine-hesitant I’ve met in the ER are more familiar with vaccine studies and more aware of their COVID risks than the vaccinated.”

Previously, on July 20, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, after analyzing over 5 million survey responses, published a paper detailing their findings regarding ‘vaccine hesitancy’, findings revealing that it is in fact America’s most educated people - PhDs - who form the largest block of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ according education level, accounting for nearly a quarter of the nation’s ‘vaccine hesitant’ population at 23.9%.


The researchers classed all people who had said in surveys that they would “probably” or “definitely” not choose to get vaccinated as “vaccine hesitant,” and when it comes to education level, PhDs are the most likely to choose not to be vaccinated. The whole country should probably be asking why exactly that is, considering we are constantly being told the converse, instead of continuing to mindlessly repeat the baseless claim that all the smart, educated people are vaccinated.

As far as education levels go, the second most ‘vaccine hesitant’ group following the most educated are the least educated, those who have been subject to the least amount of establishment indoctrination (high school or less), followed by those who have been subject to slightly more indoctrination (some college), followed by the second most educated block of society (professionals), while those with bachelors and masters degrees the least likely to be ‘vaccine hesitant’.

What’s more, the paper found that in the first five months of 2021, the largest decrease in hesitancy was among the least educated — those with a high school education or less. Meanwhile, hesitancy held constant in the most educated group; by May, those with Ph.Ds were the most hesitant group.

“So not only are the most educated people most sceptical of taking the Covid vaccine,” Unheard noted, “they are also the least likely to change their minds about it...”

And that should really tell us something, something that reveals the woeful ignorance or willful deception being peddled by Hochul and her ilk.

The NY governor also claims that to love one another as Jesus taught, we must insist that those we love get vaccinated against their will, because it is ‘God’s will’, and yet here she is using threats, intimidation and aggressive coercion in an attempt to force an unwanted medical intervention on the unwilling, an attempt to assert ownership over a fellow human being and forcibly remove their individual sovereignty. This is a blatant violation of the Golden Rule and the teaching of Jesus to not be like the kings of the earth, “who seek to exercise authority over one another,” and a bastardization of the message of universal love for all which he and his disciples left for humanity 2,000 years ago.

Love does not seek to control others with force and manipulation, but rather to empower others by imparting knowledge; it does not force ‘salvation’ upon the suffering, but rather compassionately offers healing care to those willing to accept it; it does not attempt to override the free will of the individual for self-serving agendas, but rather honors free will at all costs; and it most certainly does not employ deception and shaming to do its bidding.

What we are seeing is a transparent attempt to hijack the gospel of universal love and replace it with a new gospel of universal injection, and more disturbing than this is the sheer number of people who are falling for it. But at the same time there seem to be just as many, if not more people who are not drinking this charlatan’s kool-aid.

Many can still clearly see that loving our neighbor means loving those we disagree with, not attempting to shame and coerce them into submission to our own will. One such courageous voice of reason is NBA basketball player Jonathan Issac, and here I present this voice of reason versus governor Kathy Hochul; and listeners can decide for themselves which of these two is truly advocating love of neighbor and which one is clearly not, because they simply cannot both be doing so.

All the tools of darkness are being employed in the name of God, of love, but it is becoming apparent to all those who are not caught under the spell of fear and ignorance cast by the keepers of this cult that this tyrannical agenda is both devoid of love and actively waging a war against it. This battle between the mandavaxxers and the ‘anti-vaxxers’ is hardly about a ‘vaccine’ at all; it is about those attempting to assert a claim of ownership over all of humanity and those who are resisting that claim. It is a about a cult that believes it has the right to do to your body whatsoever it declares to be for the ‘greater good’, and already there are those arguing that death for the non compliant would be the best solution for the ‘greater good’.

But many there are who see that there is no good to be found in forced medical interventions of any kind, nor in institutionalized segregation being used to force the noncompliant out of society.

If the state, as Constitutional attorney and globalist insider Alan Dershowitz has claimed, has “the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm,” then the state also has the power to castrate you, to sterilize you, even to euthanize you, just so long as it is done in the name of ‘public health’ and the ‘safety’ of the collective, for the ‘greater good’, and for the ‘protection’ of the cult and ‘salvation’ of its members.

Rep. Thomas Massie understands this:

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, also understands this:

Those who continue to insist that this is not so, that this is not about the state attempting to assert ownership over humanity, and that forced vaccination and forced sterilization, for example, are worlds apart and have nothing at all to do with each other, and that forced vaccination would never lead to forced sterilization; these people need only look at the 1905 Supreme Court decision often cited in defense of mandatory vaccination, which set the legal precedent for forced vaccination, for it cited as the legal precedent for its decision the state’s ‘right’ to forcibly conscript conscientious objectors during times of war, and was then later cited in a landmark 1927 decision ruling that the state has the right to forcibly sterilize a woman. This is a “weakness in the argument for vaccine mandates,” that many, even those who cite the decision upholding mandatory vaccination, must be ignorant of, or else they wouldn’t continue to argue that forced vaccination could never lead to forced sterilization; indeed, it already has.


According to the case law establishing the ‘constitutionality’ of mandatory vaccination, an individual “may be compelled, by force if need be, against his will and without regard to his personal wishes or his pecuniary interests, or even his religious or political convictions, to take his place in the ranks of the army of his country and risk the chance of being shot down in its defense.”

And: “The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

Forced vaccination, forced conscription, and forced sterilization are legally intertwined because at the root of all three is the same fundamental issue of whether or not the state has the right to claim ownership over your body to advance its own interests, and in two of these cases the issue is specific to forced medical intervention, irregardless of the harm that intervention may cause the recipient, so long as that harm or risk of harm is deemed to be outweighed by the percieved benefits to the collective the intervention allegedly provides.

There are, to be sure, also a good number of court decisions which have ruled unequivocally that bodily autonomy is a constitutional right, and that any medical intervention unaccompanied by informed consent is a crime and violation of basic human rights. Those who choose to cite the court decisions in defense of the ‘vaccine’ mandates they now push have made their position crystal clear, as they have chosen to place their support behind the rulings that argue the state has the right to do to your body and to my body and even to their body whatever it so chooses, so long as it deems that intervention to be in its own best interest or the best interests of society. And one day, if this precedent is reaffirmed and becomes firmly established in the 21st Century, it is likely the state will eventually extend that power over your body in a way you do not find acceptable, and those who defended the right of the state to assert ownership over another’s body will have only themselves to blame when that ownership is later asserted over theirs against their will.

The same Supreme Court that long ago produced these statist rulings had less than a century prior also upheld the constitutionality of the amendment establishing that a black slave was legally 3/5 of a man. More so than definitively establishing the legality or constitutionality of a matter, the court rulings one chooses to cite reveals the heart of a man and where his moral compass lies.

As Nicholas Tampio, writing for the Boston Globe, noted in late August: “The United States can simultaneously address the pandemic and respect the rights of those who do not want a vaccine injection,” and those who cannot recognize this truth or who do recognize it and yet continue to advance universal compulsory vaccination as the only way forward are caught up in a dangerous cult, either deluded by or actively deluding those around them.

You either own your body and are free, or you don’t and you are a slave. In centuries past, a claim of ownership over another’s body was known as human slavery and it was institutionalized. Today human slavery is being institutionalized once again, passed off as the virtuous and loving means of defeating an invisible ‘enemy’, even as the cultists behind it are stoking hatred for the unvaccinated with cries of “let them die,” while they simultaneously shame you for being the ‘selfish’ one for the action of rejecting an unwanted experimental medical intervention known to cause death and injury, because they believe it is necessary to protect them - those who are already ‘protected’ by the ‘vaccine’... And they believe their personal ‘protection’ to be more important than your safety, which is not selfless love-based thinking at all but rather selfish fear-based thinking.

Meanwhile those indoctrinated into this cult have been so taken by the fear and the propaganda that they not only support forced injection of the unwilling, many of them actively demand it.

Just as the majority of those taken by the Nazi propaganda were blind to the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the 3rd Reich against Jews, Gypsies and dissidents in their time, so too are those indoctrinated into this Covid Cult blind to the crimes against humanity currently being perpetrated against millions of Americans by those within its ranks. With each passing day the parallels between the current march of mandavaxx madness and the rise of the 3rd Reich become increasingly clear.


Most of the cultists cannot see it; some both see it, and, at least in private, openly advocate for it.

On September 22, Project Veritas published the second installment of its ‘Covid-19 Exposed’ series,, and the secret recordings of an FDA employee were incredibly revealing of the deranged cult mentality held by so many on the mandavaxx bandwagon.

Taylor Lee, an FDA Economist, is a strong advocate of forced vaccination for all, who is strangely obsessed with the idea of using blow darts to deliver the injection to the unwilling, particularly the black American community which he admits has every right to distrust this vaccination campaign. “Go to the unvaccinated and blow it into them. Blow dart it into them,” he said. “If we just stick everyone again with the J&J to make sure everyone’s got something, we’re good.”

Although he acknowledges that his proposition may not be taken up by the authorities, and he is not a high ranking FDA official, he nonetheless said he believes this is where things are headed. And regarding the well known history of US government medical experimentation on black Americans against their will being a major contributing factor to their ‘vaccine hesitancy’, Lee said he “can’t [blame them], but at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going.”

Like most Covid Cultists, he’s also under the false impression that the ‘vaccine’ is totally safe, and made the typical claim, that “All of the wealthy white people are getting vaccinated because they're educated,” when the most educated in fact make up one of the largest blocks of staunch resistance to this injection campaign.


Regardless of his misperceptions, however, Lee’s “solution” remains universal to all who are hesitant or downright unwilling to get the jab, and disturbing no matter who they might be directed against, black Americans, impoverished and uneducated white Trump supporters, or ‘vaccine hesitant’ PhDs.


If this FDA lackey’s dreams were to come true, there would be national door-to-door vaccination checks complete with forced 3rd dose injections, a Nazi-style registry of the unvaccinated, internment camp style forced segregation of the ‘anti-vaxxers’, a whole lot of FDA blow dart action, and, well, more blow darts that he even suggests the FDA could hire “Amazonian” jungle people to “just shoot everyone” with. Although this last proposal seems to be more of a joke than anything else, I’m sure the more realistic option would be to go with his alternate suggestion to use drone-mounted dart delivery systems. Because, you probably guessed it by now, for this fellow, “blow darts are always the answer.”

“Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond. So, we have the infrastructure to do it. I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very [Nazi] Germany.”

“Nazi Germany…I mean, think about it like the Jewish Star [for unvaccinated Americans],” he said. And in case you were wondering what the door-to-door ‘vaccine’ knockers would be doing, his dark fantasies also make that abundantly clear: “If they start handing out vaccines, I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone, ‘Oh, it’s just your booster shot! There you go! I’m not a trained licensed professional, it’s fine...Stick your arm out! What’s That? It’s just a Vitamin C shot!’”

It wouldn’t be a complete Nazi-style affair without internment camps, of course, and I guess since Texas is the largest state resisting this injection coercion campaign, it’s a prime candidate. Taylor Lee sure thinks it is: “So, if you put every anti-vaxxer, like sheep, into like Texas and you closed off Texas from the rest of the world, and you go, ‘Okay, you be you in Texas until we deal with this.’”

So this is an FDA employee who fantasizes about going door-to-door and stabbing the unvaccinated with an experimental injection he knows they don’t want, who is literally advocating for ‘anti-vaxxers’ to be corralled and locked down “like sheep,” and that’s not disturbing at all to the Covid Cultists, at least not a great many of them it would seem, based on the absolute lack of criticism of these inflammatory comments coming from anyone on the ‘left’, probably because such policies would make them feel safer even if it does seem just a bit extreme to publicly endorse.

When those advocating for such tyrannical measures admit that what they’re calling for is “terrible,” and acknowledge that the policies they propose are reminiscent of Nazi war crimes, and yet continue to recommend such tactics as the only “solution,” you can be sure that you are dealing with characters who are morally bankrupt to an extreme degree.


Having a high paid government employee on the FDA payroll privately advocating for Nazi-style treatment and a “Jewish star”-like “registry” of the unvaccinated sure isn’t gonna help quell the ‘conspiracies’ surrounding Bill Gates’ previous reference to the ‘vaccine’ as the “final solution,” that’s for sure...

The cult-like mentality of those who blindly believe, parrot and obey the authorities in all matters Covid is pervasive and unmistakeable, their worldview utterly unscientific, their fear and hatred of the unvaccinated orchestrated from on high, with the Twitter ‘blue checks’ among those leading the assault against any and all who dare voice their dissent. Take this recent video rant from Kieth Olbermann, for example, which perfectly illustrates the mindset of the cult, complete with an irrational hostility directed towards all fellow Americans who have simply decided to make a different informed personal health choice than the cultists, with this nonviolent choice to reject an unwanted experimental medical intervention being quite literally viewed as an unforgivable crime against humanity.

“They aren’t anti-vax. They aren't Waiting For More Information. They aren't Exercising Personal Choice. They are AFRAID,” Olbermann writes, and angrily yells in his verbal assault on all those who dare to think and act differently than he does.

“The Americans who won't get the vaccine are morons, snowflakes, and they are AFRAID and we need to start calling them that, and calling them out,” he said.

It’s one of the latest themes being widely disseminated by the cult in their war on dissent and all those refusing to convert to their religion; from establishment propaganda pieces to Twitter blue checks and brigades of dutiful mandavaxx ‘apostles’, those who have been buying and selling 24/7 pandemic fear for nearly two years in order to engineer compliance are now pretending to be those living without fear as they accuse dissenters of being exactly what they themselves are, and/or have relentlessly attempted to make you - Afraid.


It’s only ‘fear’ when you wish to avoid the very real risk of harm associated with these injections or have valid religious objections, I suppose, and not when you’re so terrified of a ‘virus’ no deadlier than the flu that you walk around in a mask day in and day out for months on end, even after being vaccinated, and even with the available scientific research overwhelmingly suggesting masks are entirely ineffective at stopping spread of viruses.

Such is the mindset of those indoctrinated into this dangerous cult. You are dangerous, you are a threat, you are presumed infected until injected, you are afraid, you are not choosing to forego vaccination for the exact reasons you actually are, you are ‘misinformed’ because you’ve actually researched the available information instead of blindly believing the baseless statements made by the cult leaders, you have rejected ‘science’ because you are aware of the actual findings of numerous scientific studies and not just the select one(s) trotted out by the CDC, you are ignorant because you don’t automatically ignore all the facts that challenge the narrative, you are selfish for respecting and honoring everyone’s personal choice (even those you disagree with), you are a burden on society, and the cult wants you to be shunned, scapegoated, expelled from society and then left for dead.

At the end of April, it was “time to start shunning the vaccine hesitant.”


By August, it was already time to just “let them die.”


And by September, the cultists had already begun privately advocating for dissidents to be rounded up and locked down “like sheep.”

Every day now, it seems, there is yet another scientific study published, data analysis released, personal story told, whistleblower who comes forward, or some credible evidence making its rounds in the independent media and on social media platforms where it isn’t censored; that challenges, undermines, discredits, and exposes the core, fundamental beliefs of the Covid Cult ideology for the unscientific religious dogma it truly is.

A “scientifically very sound” paper published in Eurosurveillance documenting a ‘Delta’-Covid outbreak caused by and rapidly spread among a 96% ‘fully vaccinated’ population despite use of masks and full-body PPE, killing 5 and contributing to 9 severe cases among the vaccinated; a real life scenario which “challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks...”

No patient benefits from flu vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, studies find, and “no evidence indicated that vaccination reduced hospitalizations,” while the flu vaccine remains terribly ineffective...

Ongoing gaming of the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed stats, now with definition changes, to paint the picture they want you to see, all while continuing to ignore and discount the overwhelming scientific consensus on natural immunity in favor of nonsensical and dangerous universal compulsory vaccination...

And there’s always new stories of injection injuries every single day, many censored before they see the light of day...

And older accounts of long-lasting adverse reactions that manage to weather the censorship and yet still haven’t been seen by so many of those who still believe this chemical concoction is ‘100% safe’...

All of it systematically ignored, censored, suppressed and manipulated by political puppets and the establishment media, the cult being spoon fed the chosen deceptive lines of the day that perpetually feed the Covid illusion and the mandavaxx agenda for which it stands.

When the evidence is so overwhelming, how can so many people not see it, or immediately discount it as ‘misinformation’ without even glancing at the source material? Because according to CNN, “These four words are helping spread misinformation” - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - and listening to CNN, they don’t do their own research, having been indoctrinated into believing they will then be misinformed!

Being told they are too stupid to ‘understand’ the science, or any direct evidence for that matter, anything that doesn’t come straight out of the mouths of one of the approved cult leaders, they are then slowly stupified through their blind consumption of deceptive propaganda and by discounting all evidence that challenges the cult ideology which is based upon the ever-changing but always deceptive nonsensical establishment narrative...

It’s a cult, and if you can’t see that by now, you may have had one too many drinks of the Covid Cool-aid this year; but none are so hopelessly lost in ignorance or blinded by fear that a little open-minded research with a touch of critical thinking can’t reverse.

It’s a cult, its ideology dangerous, its agenda tyrannical, and the spell it has cast upon the earth amazingly potent. Those who have been baptized into the cult by the purifying chemical concoctions gifted for the salvation of mankind by the Big Pharma gods Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, now have clean hands and pure hearts; while all those who refuse to worship at the alter of almighty Jabbo, and to be baptized into salvation by the wonder-working power of Pfizer’s magic potion, well they all remain unclean, dirty, filthy ‘anti-vaxxers’ who must be forcibly converted and ‘cleansed’ or purged from society.

Yes, it’s definitely a cult.

It’s a dangerous cult, it’s attempting to take over the world, and for the sake of all humanity, it must be stopped.

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