Parliament Square Freedom Day 19/7 Part 4 of 8 Actors and Agitators

I filmed all of this with the Overkillers in mind. Here's my rundown of this video;
We all know and love Grey Bleeder, who didn't seem to like me filming him and he vanished straight after I had.
At 1:38 Notice who enters the shot as the guy says "the oposition are here"

Piers Corbyn, giving yet another unrowsing speech, being watched over by Tatman, who springs into action at 4:53. What an oddball he is. To his left we have Bill the Kill guy.

I noticed the guy in the centre of the screen at 6:44, who seemed very animated and looks vaguely familiar.
The topless guy at 7:54 walks right along the frontline, trying to calm everyone down. He spends a long time talking to Tatman, who, just a minute later obviously ignored all that and is blatantly provoking the police.
And then guess who we see right at the end, hanging out with his mates,
it's 8ft boy himself, Resistance GB.

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