Why Principles Come BEFORE Life Itself

Everything works in reverse on planet Earth. Our reality is inverted, and this is the elephant in the room.

We are taught that life is precious and must be defended at all costs, even if we have to drop bombs on another nation. If we think about it for a few moments, this is exactly why we can't bring about world harmony. There always is a reason for revenge! This stance is so perversely flawed because the latter implies that life can be selective if the consensus deems that some (or many) are better dead.

The cult of standing armies and the corporate assault on nature mirror our appalling situation.

Almost everything in society is anti-life because of that very philosophical fraud. And of course, the cherry on the cake is the "mandatory injection" to save civilization. It is a fallacy for the very reason that it is creating ideological apartheid while creating labor shortages now. A Florida mother not willing to get her kids vaccinated, made the headlines today after calling for a "mass exodus" from the public school, and she got a standing ovation! We also are amazed by all those quitting their jobs or getting fired for resisting the jab.

These people are doing the right thing!

Without putting Principles before life, servitude is what we'll get. Without going too much into the matter, this also is the message of many myths and even the bible. That happiness and freedom depend on our willingness to put Freedom before Life. When Life comes first, we lose both.

That is why the Principle of Mentalism is so important as we must be able to process this intellectually and then apply it.

Chaos is around the corner but without it, restarting from scratch would be impossible so we have to embrace the odds. 2022 will be a final turning point in humanity's history and we can win if we can let go of our comfort zone. Without accepting to lose something BIG, and that may be different for each individual, we will never find a way out of the crisis.

It is time to fasten our seatbelt, accept to ride the storm fiercely while trusting the power of your hearts. As you can see the tide could be turned around very quickly. This is a Natural Law because we can't circumvent this aspect. And that means that the Law is supreme.

Yes, it is a Cosmic Law... and we're in a spiritual battle...

FREEDOM Before Life Itself Mark Passio (6mins)

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