If the only reason you get away with somethings is because you are powerful, should you do it?


If you have power and with that power you know you can take actions that you likely would not be able to achieve if you were at the same power level as others do you think that means you should do it?

If you have the power to silence someone simply because they cannot challenge you. Should you?

If you have the power to remove payment/rewards/finances from someone because they cannot challenge such actions. Should you?

If you have the power to oppress someone because they cannot resist your power. Should you?

What type of world do you want to live in?

Do you wish to be treated like a God? Do you believe you are better than other people and thus you are exercising you power in their best interest?

Are you reacting in anger?

If you are reacting in anger consider this...

If the person was the same as you. Just a person. With the same power as you. Would you still lash out and attempt to silence them, oppress them, strip funding, etc.?

My observation of people, places and history tends to show this is not the case...

Those with power tend to oppress and attack only those they know cannot stop them.

If they amass enough power so a lot of people combined still cannot stop them the potential becomes worse.

We've all heard the tired saying "With great power comes great responsibility".

It is very cliche now. Yet it is also true.

What that phrase may not translate to is that with great power you have the potential to be a wicked/tyrannical person simply due to the fact that people cannot stop you.

I suspect most people don't want to be a tyrant.

They just get swept up in the power and forget what it is like to be just a person in the crowd.

Yet there are also those in society that revel in having power over others.

If your power is keeping a community operating how much do you care about that community?

Should you allow yourself to choose someone to destroy? What if the person you would destroy has only uttered words?

Could it be you have convinced yourself they can still speak, so you are doing nothing wrong?

Perhaps you have gotten them fired, cancelled their bank, or decreased their potential rewards to $0.

They can still speak. Until they starve.


If you have power. Occasionally stop to think things over. Do a reboot. You can become your own worst enemy and not even know it.

If you have power. Great. I am not against that. Use it wisely. (Wisdom and Intelligence are different things)

Don't attempt to obliterate someone for speaking...

Did they call you a horrible name? Is it true, or fitting? If not... who cares?

If it is a true or fitting name... what can you do to make it no longer true?

Most likely shooting the messenger won't fix it.

Changing and reflection just might...

The benefits of power

Now you can dole out rewards like candy if you have power. So could Hitler, Napoleon, Mao, Stalin, etc.

Who do you want to be?

If I am ever a target I can simply decide to move on if I need to. It might actually benefit me. I spend more time here than I probably should. The powerful coming after me is no threat.

Even if it was...

I am extremely against censorship and oppression...

I want everyone to be able to speak, and live regardless of whether I like them or what they are saying.

I don't care if you agree with me. I only want you to think for yourself. Actually THINK.

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