How about that FLU vaccine? Did they mysteriously cure the flu...?

I occasionally have my mind send up a little fireworks display that basically says "Hey! You pay attention! What happened to the flu?" Some countries have reported it is almost gone or didn't exist at all for some time.

Yet COVID this and COVID that.

Why? Do you think social distancing and masks that people can pretty much make out of a piece of cloth cured the flu at last?

Can we skip the flu vaccine then?

Or could it be something else?

Are you aware that hospitals (at least in the U.S. I don't know about other countries) were given bonuses for each COVID diagnosis? Are you aware that if they could attribute COVID some way towards the death they got an even bigger bonus?

Yep. That has been the case. Whether it is still the case I can't say.

How do you think that might impact things?

Person comes in with some other coronavirus (they've been around for a long time and were known as one of the "common colds")... Let's call it COVID.

Person comes in with influenza... Let's call it COVID.

Person comes in with Pneumonia... Let's call it COVID.

The Tell Tell Sign...

If you try to find out the statistics for FLU they will gladly give you the numbers for 2019/2020 season since that was predominantly before COVID hit.

However, there is an exception... it is often tracked as a PIC which is Pneumonia, Influenza, Coronavirus rather than breaking them apart.

(Image Source:

With money to be lost... COVID... yes, it is COVID.

This doesn't even cover the laughable information about the number of cycles used in differing circumstances for the RT-PCR test to test for COVID. Use less cycles and less people will test positive for it. Use more cycles and more people will test positive for it. Interestingly enough CDC advised using lower cycles for vaccinated people than everyone else. That would result in artificially lower results than the other people being tested.

Despite this in some places (e.g. UK) a higher percentage of new COVID patients are people who have been vaccinated. (As high as 67% in one report.)

If a test was to be worth anything then the cycles should be the same for everyone in all circumstances. If they are not then the data is immediately corrupted and not worth anything...

Well it is not worth anything to a scientist or doctor... It is worth something to a politician, a big pharmaceutical company trying to push a new drug or vaccine, and doctors who get a nice payout for positive diagnosis...

Yet I am clearly spinning propaganda and misinformation... Me just Joe Bob Nobody Internet Dude is a threat to the free world...


I ask questions.

I observe.

I ask more questions.

I listen.

I decide if what I hear matches observations. Does it answer the questions?

I'm dangerous because I ask questions rather than just blindly accepting what they tell me to think.

You don't need masks, you need masks, you don't need masks, you need masks, you need two masks, you don't need masks anymore, oops and now you need mask again.

Yet the masks don't do diddly to something the size they state COVID is.

If you can smell many odors through the mask then COVID will go right through that sucker if it is actually the size they claim.

The mask is you wearing a little identifier on your face that tells them that you are a "believer". You are a "follower". You are a good person who will believe what they tell you, and do whatever they tell you to do.

If you get out of line they can think of some way to make you afraid again. Fear seems to stop people from thinking clearly. Even very intelligent people.

A: "I am vaccinated... you should be too!!!!"
B: "Does the vaccine work?"
A: "Of course."
B: "Then if you took it why are you worried about me taking it?"
A: "You might get sick."
B: "I am okay with that."
A: "You might die."
B: "I am okay with that as well."
A: "You might make other people sick..."
B: "You said the vaccine works, so how am I supposed to make people sick?"
A: "It might not work perfectly, or their could be variants."
B: "Variants could make the vaccine pointless too assuming you are correct and it actually works."
A: "You might make a child sick."
B: "Considering COVID killed no children that I am aware of UNTIL after they were vaccinated it seems like children will be fine."
A: "You put old people at risk."
B: "They can take the vaccine if they want. If it doesn't work they are old, they are at risk all of the time."
A: "You have no heart. You are selfish."
B: "Look I'm pretty sure I already had it."
A: "So?"
B: "I survived."
A: "So, why are you not getting the vaccine?"
B: "Do you even know what a vaccine is supposed to do?"
A: "Protect you from COVID."
B: "Yes, vaccines try to mimic the immune response that survivors go through without them having to experience the harsh parts of the illness."
A: "That sounds like a good reason to take them."
B: "Take them to do what I already have because I survived and am immune?"
A: "You are not immune without the vaccine."
B: "So I survived which historically is the BEST protection you can have but you think I still need to take this experimental thing that may or may not work that is supposed to do what I already have?"
A: "Yes, that's what the CDC and Fauci say."
B: "Look up Appeal to Authority Fallacy sometime."
A: "Why don't you take the vaccine. We might have to force you."
B: "If you think I am going to voluntarily let you put an EXPERIMENTAL something into my body for something I don't need when no human trials were completed, and there are multiple different vaccines then you better be prepared to knock me out first."
A: "I'm sure that can be arranged."
B: "And when I wake up whether you or I took the vaccine will be the least of your concerns."
A: "What do you mean?"
B: "You won't have to worry about the vaccine hurting you because I'll be hurting you and as many people as I can that were involved in medicating me against my will."
A: "Are you threatening me?"
B: "No. It is a promise. It is what WILL happen if you try to do this against my will.'
A: "Well maybe we'll get your job to fire you."
B: "So be it. I can survive without it."
A: "How can you survive without income?"
B: "At that point if you are treating me like the enemy and like a criminal I might as well be one. I'm sure your house has lots of food."
A: "You are threatening me again...!"
B: "No. As I said it is a promise."
A: "You sound like a threat. Maybe the government should execute people like you."
B: "And the Nazi Concentration Camp guard reveals himself at last. You now show your true colors. Comply or die is it?"
A: "You are the Nazi. You are a fascist!"
B: "You mean because I won't let you inject me with a pharmaceutical cocktail made by a huge biochemical corporation that is in bed with the government?"
A: "Yes."
B: "You need to seriously look into what the word fascist means. Then take a really long hard look in the mirror."
A: "But the vaccine is safe..."
B: "Then why do the companies making them have liability protection only for vaccines as of the 1990s?"
A: "Do they?
B: "Yes. You can't sue them. They have no reason to make their products more safe. If it is a guaranteed sell then how cheap it is to make becomes more important."
A: "And?
B: "Spend some time at VAERS and see if you can learn how to navigate it. They make it intentionally difficult to use. There is a lot there that answers many questions."
A: "What is VAERS?"
B: "Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. With that I am going to continue with my day... remember my promises. Keep your needles and your mandates to yourself."

EDIT: Update 7/28/2021

I posted a related update

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