Could it be that you already have your vaccine passport? At least those getting mRNA "vaccines".

In looking into the strange magnetic properties known as the "Magnet Challenge" that people who have been vaccinated with mRNA based vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, etc.) have been experiencing; I realized we might already have a vaccine passport. I don't know that this is true of the more traditional vaccines like Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca unless they too have put graphene oxide (GO) into the vaccines.


If you get a small magnet and place it over the injection site it will usually snap to and hold to that spot on the arm (or wherever the injection was). Sometimes you will need to move it around a bit but you will likely find it.

Now many people have been talking about the negative health effects that Graphene Oxide(1|2|3) can have upon the body and its immune system. I didn't want to add to that as I didn't really have anything new to contribute there.

I did however come to the realization that if this can be detected this way then in a sense these people already have a "vaccine passport". All one one need to do is simply look for this attraction to magnets beneath an injection site.

Fortunately, for those of us that have no intention of taking these vaccines if this were the technique they chose to use we could likely biohack a response that would make it possible to pass such a test.

I don't have more to say on this as it was a short idea that I think I have sufficiently explained at this point.

Here is a video on the "Magnet Challenge":

NOTE: This post is 100% speculation at this moment. I am not stating this is TRUE. This is a hypothesis. Some of you may choose to call it "misinformation" or a "conspiracy theory". If that makes you feel better have at it.

@dksart provided one link to a guy who does this magnet test. At first the magnet sticks. Then he uses baby powder which would make his arm not sticky and it does not stick.


There could be others and if there are we should link them. Right now we have a lot of people showing magnets sticking. Are they all because of sticky arms? Possibly.

We have this one person refuting it. If he is being disingenuous then he is a good actor. That is possible. This is partially why I'd like to see more. (I looked at the guys channel and this does not seem to be his normal thing. I personally do not think he was being disingenuous)

Even better would be if any of you are planning to take the vaccine but have not. Get a small magnet like this. They are usually available to hold things on a refrigerator and perform the test yourself and video it. If you have some baby powder or something so you can repeat what the guy in this Tiktok video does that would be welcome as well.

At this point I don't trust anyone. The government has given me so many reasons not to trust them.

Doctors are saying things. Scientists are saying things. Contrary to popular narrative there is no consensus. In the scientific method consensus doesn't matter anyway.

We should perform some more experiments. I am not willing to take the vaccine to perform this.


At the moment I will not state this magnet claim is a legit thing. Without more controlled and specific study it may not be what people are thinking. This does not mean there may not be something to it. It simply means that I've seen examples on both sides and due to that I cannot definitively state it is or is not a thing.

I can tell you that the ones that I see of people sticking things ALL over their body to me are fake. The injection site could have potentially been believable. Yet gene therapy to cause genes to produce more spike proteins is not going to be sufficient to get them to engineer complex substances like graphene oxides. Thus, the amount in the injection(s) would have to be the total amount. It wouldn't suddenly flood the body with them in such huge quantities to make every part of the body magnetic. The injection site would potentially be the case yet if it is going into the blood stream then this doesn't make sense either as it should be flowing throughout the circulatory/vascular system.

I wouldn't expect it to stick around in one place. This makes me increasingly skeptical and I appreciate the fact that @dksart presented me with some counter videos for me to think about.

As to the danger of putting graphene oxide into your body. I've read some linked papers, studies, etc. I don't know enough to have a strong opinion on that at this time.

Most of my coworkers, friends, family, etc. that took the vaccine complained of the injection site being unusually sore for awhile. Different from what they normally experience.

Since I am not taking this vaccine (no reason to... had it, survived) I can't do that myself...

Do they inject this into the bloodstream or do they do it intramuscular or something like that? I'm trying to understand why people think it would linger at the injection site.

I answered my own question. It is intramuscular. This explains why the arms hurt at injection and why it can stick around in one place. That makes the magnet hypothesis potentially possible. Though we do have one person refuting it. We can say we saw the initial magnet looking thing, then it goes off the screen, and we saw something similar. Yet we could use this same skepticism on other videos in the other direction as well.

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