A Country Divided, Depressed and Angry

Author's Note: In the midst of the simulated corona pandemic I reported the growing psychologically effects that prolong lock-downs have on people. This is a followup article expanding on the growing sentiment of fear, uncertainty and doubt playing out in the public spectacle of American life. Read: A Divided Country Struggles with Confusion, Fear & Freedom


Three months of fear-driving narratives, conflicting expert advise and economic uncertainty have only exacerbated the mental health crisis in America. The Washington Post continues the story with its latest report that states..."A third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau data shows..."

"It's understandable given what's happening. It would be strange if you didn't feel anxious and depressed," Oquendo said. "This virus is not like a hurricane or earthquake or even terrorist attack. It's not something you can see or touch, and yet the fear of it is everywhere."

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What is the CDC's survey about?

Follow the data here: Household Pulse Survey

To rapidly monitor recent changes in mental health, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) partnered with the Census Bureau on an experimental data system called the Household Pulse Survey. This 20-minute online survey was designed to complement the ability of the federal statistical system to rapidly respond and provide relevant information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. Data collection began on April 23, 2020 and is anticipated to continue for 90 days.

Mental Health & The Political Theater

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This protracted political theater exposed the underlying frailty in American society: we are losing the American dream. While we are isolated in our homes, separated from each other and in constant fear the agenda of power continues unimpeded. Big businesses continue to consolidate the economy, the bankers keep pumping more fake money and the politicians are becoming more dictatorial.

The CDC's data indicates that these three months of the new abnormal are psychologically impacting a growing number of Americans. Moreover, the economic consequences of the lock-down are causing some people to consider suicide & drugs as a solution. As if that wasn't enough the political division across people in America continues to deepen and intensify .

The invisible, omnipotent and lingering enemy is our unconscious emotional complexes that keep us in a rigid armor of self-deception. The half-truths, divisive narratives and the relentless crisis deceptively reported by the mainstream media is the other part of this puzzle. The power of nightmares combined with the [ignorance of self] creates a powerfully destructive social force. This synergistic psychic force
if left unchecked by common sense, reason and self-knowledge will manifest in seemingly unrelated ways...and eventually the phantom menace will choke-hold the collective unconscious of the crowd. This pattern begs the question...

What is the End Goal?


The cumulative effect of engineered crises inspired a general distrust of people, open spaces and the compromise of freedom for the promise of security. The two previous decades of the American political landscape became a spectacle in which people abandoned inconvenient truths for the sake of the greater good. While the corona-fear-driven narrative may have underlined the fear, anxiety and division in American politics...the source of the problem originated in the hearts & minds of the average person.


The simulation of existential threats inspire fear in people who are unprepared to deal with the unknown. Consequently, they give their consent and personal authority to "experts," politicians and any other fraudster that sells them on a immediate & convenient solution. This convenient habit passed on from generation to generation kept us separated from the active process of consensus reality. People retreated themselves to comfortable echo-chamber where they were "free" to pursue their personal lifestyle...as long as it didn't conflict with the agenda of technocratic control.

Society at large is turning away from moral truths and instead of asking, "What is the right thing to do?" We ask each other, "What will keep me safe?" In this dialectic of unenlightened self-interest we are kept in check with half-truths which purposefully inspires conflict between sexes, races, classes and age groups.
If we are to ever transcend the technocratic matrix of control then we must decimate society's pathology of fear with courage, reason and above all compassion.

As Jung concisely puts it... "We Create Our Own Epoch..." in this seedling of truth we can find the ultimate solution: Embracing Our Human Nature & Healing Our Pain.

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