Massive emergency rescue of a drowning sex doll in Japan

This wasn't bad reporting, which is what I normally focus on, but just a bizarre story that is both heart-warming and hilarious that the emergency services would respond in the fashion that the did only to discover that the drowned naked woman was actually a sex doll that I guess someone got angry with and threw it in the sea.


The "body" rescue footage was captured by a film student who is also an Instagram / YouTube influencer Natsuki Tanaka who has nearly a quarter of a million subscribers. Once translated the information she provided suggests that the response was absolutely massive as emergency crews including police divers turned up to rescue and investigate the situation.


What's "dumb" about this isn't the way in which they responded - that much is actually extremely admirable and a testament to how much Japan cares about an individual. What is absurd is that so many rescue workers stuck around with all of their official gear in order to "rescue" the doll even after it had long been discovered that it wasn't actually a person.


Police, the fire department, and medical services all stuck around long after it was discovered by divers that this body was in fact made of plastic. It seems to me like this would have been a good time for everyone to get back to headquarters.

I guess they just do things differently in Japan. I don't know, I have never been there. I hope that they have the same sense of humor over this as the rest of the world that got a hold of this story because to me at least, the images of dozens of rescue workers working in tandem to pull a giant piece of plastic out of the water is really silly.


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