Studies show Pfizer shot IS effective... if you isolate and take infinite boosters

New studies show a "significant and rapid decrease in protection" from Pfizer's product - just a few weeks after injection! CNN claims the defense wanes because vaccinated people have more contact with others, and wear masks less often. So brace for another wave of Covid in vaccinated populations, they warn. Regular "booster shots" will be required for all, and anyone who misses a shot will have their "vaccine passport" deactivated, blocking them from participation in society. What a huge amount of propaganda and social engineering in one little article!

The mental gymnastics pro-vaxxers have to go through must be incredible! Now the media is breaking it to them that the shots they took only work for a few weeks... and blaming them for it! They must enjoy being abused. Stockholm syndrome, likely.

"Vaccinated persons presumably have a higher rate of social contact than unvaccinated persons and may also have lower adherence to safety measures. This behavior could reduce real-world effectiveness of the vaccine as compared with its biologic effectiveness, possibly explaining the waning of protection."

So it worked fine in the lab, just not in actual people, living actual lives? Again... what's the point? These shots don't prevent transmission, and any potential protection they may offer is fragile and fleeting. Absolutely ridiculous.

Another nail in the coffin

Simultaneously, another new study drops yet another bombshell: Vaccinated people have the same viral load (amount of virus in their body) as unvaccinated people! So not only do these "vaccines" not block transmission, they have literally no anti-viral action! Billions have been spent looking, but so far, these products don't actually appear to have ANY positive effects!

In just 6 months, the narrative went from "completely safe and effective immunity from the virus" to "hundreds of thousands of deaths are justified because it provides partial protection for a few weeks of isolation".

Brace for another wave of illness and death in heavily-vaccinated countries? It's hard to believe the needle-pushers are promising their loyal subjects death and suffering, in plain language. Is that really supposed to make the rest of us change our minds and join them? To me, this seems like a cult that wants us to join their Koolaid party. Some of them know they made the wrong choice, but can't admit they were wrong. Us, we still have options. Their course is set, and their fate is sealed. Now, no matter what happens, no matter what studies come out proving the "vaccines" are deadly and ineffective, they must go on taking them, or they become "unvaxxed" and exiled from the cult.

The Pro-Vaxx Cult

I'm reminded of the final act of a hypnotist performance. Typically, the volunteers have been hypnotized and made to do various things at this point, then dismissed back to the crowd, leaving just a few completely-hypnotized subjects up front. Often, they are so suggestible and compliant they will do anything they're told. They can even be made to believe absurd notions, like the room is on fire, or that they are a seal. During this time - either because they are actually hypnotized or because they are invested in playing along - they accept and act upon every suggestion, no matter how ridiculous. I feel as though we're dealing with millions upon millions like that. And just like the hypnotist's subjects, half of the pro-vaxx cult are truly spellbound, while the other half are just really good at pretending. Disturbing!

Yet vaccination mandates are sweeping Canada, the USA, and much of the world this week. Right now, billions of people are losing their right to choose what goes into their body. Hundreds of millions are walking away from their jobs and careers, leaving a decimated economy and supply chain teetering on the verge of collapse. Heavy propaganda increases fear, while heavy censorship hides alternative treatments. We are unable to find any antiviral effect from the injections, which have OFFICIALLY (conservatively) killed hundreds of thousands of healthy people.

Pfizer and the other spike protein generators don't stop the virus from infecting you, don't stop the virus from spreading inside you, and don't stop you from infecting others. They don't stop anything! And now we're officially told their protection (whatever that is) drops after ONE MONTH. At this point, the cult members are willfully ignorant of reality, and facts can't reach them. It's bad enough that we're losing them. And it's even more tragic that they're doing everything they can to ensure we go ALL off the cliff together.

Their narrative has cracked, but they still have momentum. Now they've gone down this path, they can't back down, so it's a fight to the death. We have truth on our side. Hold firm.


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