STOP THE BUS! Discrimination and segregation are still wrong!

For whatever reason it is done, discriminating against minority groups and splitting up society is always wrong. We finally stopped seating "colored" people at the back of the bus (thanks to civil disobedience by people like Rosa Parks), and social justice has advanced greatly in recent decades. But now, discrimination and segregation are being brought back by government health officials and the mainstream media. This time, the minority group is people who have chosen not to be injected with an experimental spike protein generator, and carry a digital government ID to confirm their injection status. Any human who will not carry the "passport" or will not accept the injections, is labelled "unvaxxed" or "antivax" and denied participation in a growing segment of society!

Actually, in more and more places, people who can't prove they're recently topped up with the latest spike protein generator aren't allowed on the bus at all!

I've always been proud that Canada helped lead the way out of systemic discrimination and segregation, like sexism and racism. I was around for the 80s and 90s as the tide was really turning, and saw most forms completely vanish from Canadian/Western society in the early 2000s. The internet really helped.

But now, thanks to manufactured crises and division, we're right back at it.

Just one of countless comments like it, made on mainstream media articles, and endorsed by their staff.

You'll be censored (or even banned) if you even mention the truth:

But you can say "let unvaxxed people die from Covid because it's their own fault", or "I don't want my children around those disgusting antivaxxers", winning the acceptance of other commenters, and site staff.

The media is SO biased in favour of big pharma's agenda - which makes sense because they are literally owned by big pharma - that one side is punished for gently sharing their opinion, while the other is praised for advocating a dangerous backslide into discrimination and segregation.

My stance is that we should recognize this divisive tactic, and counter it, by uniting! Against them!

Civil disobedience is the peaceful public breaking of unjust laws. It defeated segregation before, and it can do it again.

Do not comply with evil.


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