Seychelles, the most-vaccinated place on Earth, is being overwhelmed by Covid-19

These "vaccines" not only don't work, they seem to increase illness and death! It just gets worse and worse for the most-vaccinated country on the planet, Seychelles, with a record number of deaths and cases announced today, and officials have little in the way of answers for the bewildered island nation.

For a review of the situation, please see my first post about it last week here, and my update a few days ago here. Here are the 'daily new cases' graphs from those posts:

It appears Seychelles reports data for a few days all at once, and then later revises it with exact totals for each day. For example, that spike of 1700 cases was spread out over the previous week, in which they hadn't reported at all. Thus, each day now shows about 300 new cases. That's still far worse than ever before, and it has been getting worse since it started in January. Before that, they had just a handful of cases, and nobody had died of Covid.

And now?

Today (May 13), they reported for 3 days (May 11, 12, 13), showing 4 new deaths and 1012 new infections. That's 337 new infections (on average) each of the last few days - a new record pace of transmission!

Things are really not looking good in Seychelles. In fact, they're far worse than in India, which is getting worldwide front-page headlines lately. Just in the past couple weeks, Seychelles has shot from #120 to #15 in terms of percentage of the population infected!

Officials make a statement

I managed to track down a recent statement, printed in local papers today, from Dr. Gedeon (Seychelles public health commissioner). Here are the highlights:

  • the dramatic rise in case and deaths was caused by careless people not following public health orders
  • at least 1 in 3 new cases was fully vaccinated
  • the plan is to find the last remaining unvaccinated people, and make them take the vaccine
  • a 3rd dose of vaccine may be given soon
  • officials are aware public is panicking and the world is now watching, will work closely with WHO

(Dr. Jude Gedeon)

So they're blaming the public for the sudden increase in illness and death since the mass rollout of vaccinations this year. Incredibly, one third of people getting sick have already had both their required doses of "vaccine"! The vaccine is like a picket fence trying to stop a tidal wave. And their plan is to push more doses (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) into as many people as they can!? Unbelievable.

Talk about doubling and tripling down on your mistakes! Their problems only began when they started vaccinating, and get worse the more they vaccinate! Imagine how the few remaining holdouts feel, seeing the vaccinated dropping like flies around them, and the state closing in with syringes?

For some very important related information, check out my article Spike proteins ALONE cause Covid-19. And we have to always keep in mind these shots are NOT vaccines, they are injections that re-wire our cells to generate spike proteins.


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