Seychelles back in lockdown after "vaccinating" the whole country

Isolated island country Seychelles is the most vaccinated in the world, with over two thirds of its adult population fully vaccinated (Israel is currently second place with about half). But the so-called vaccines for Covid appear to be INCREASING symptoms and deaths, instead of protecting the population from illness. What's going on in Seychelles?

Seychelles received an early shipment of the experimental Covid products at the start of 2020, and immediately began an aggressive campaign to inject everyone in the country of about 100,000. About half took AstraZeneca and the others got SinoPharm. Everybody there who wants it has had it. Now at 67% fully vaccinated, they have reached Fauci's herd immunity goal of 60-80%, meaning their pandemic should be over, and they should be returning to regular life. Instead, numbers are spiking out of control, even as lockdowns tighten!

Does the unique Seychelles case study show other countries what awaits them as they continue to mass vaccinate?

Through 2020, the sun-drenched beach nation experienced almost no cases of Covid, and zero deaths. They implemented lockdowns and border closures (much like New Zealand did), which kept the illness controlled - until 2021. The first death attributed to Covid was January 16th, soon after vaccinations began. As the number of shots given rose, so did the death toll. About 30 people have now died with Covid-related symptoms.

Here's the number of daily cases being attributed to Covid:

As you can see, there were only a handful of infected people throughout all of last year, as the first and second waves slammed the Western world. Symptoms and presumed cases shot up in January, and have climbed steadily. Today, the situation is far worse than it has ever been in Seychelles, and they're back in lockdown, which is something they thought they'd seen the last of!

But alas, mass vaccination does not appear to be the great solution it was sold to us as.

One reason for this is that these injections actually don't stop transmission of the SarsCoV2 virus, and are only designed to reduce symptoms in people who become infected. I repeat, the sole potential advantage of these "vaccines" is seen only once the recipient later becomes infected. The drug companies have been clear about this from the start. It is only the bought media and officials spreading the lie that these products can stop the pandemic (to get people to take them). These shots are symptom-blockers, turning people into asymptomatic spreaders, nothing more. Any protective effect discovered would be a welcome coincidence. This is straight from the manufacturers' websites.

"The vaccines are our only hope of defeating this pandemic," and "mass vaccination will return us to pre-pandemic normal" have been lies all along, and now we have confirmation.

Similar things are happening all over the world, in small towns like Lytton BC, where the Moderna "vaccine" turned a healthy community into a disaster-zone of nightmarish Covid symptoms (and one presumed death). Island nations and isolated towns that got the vaccine early are regretting it, and provide us a window into the future of broader populations now being exposed to these "vaccines". In the case of Lytton, heavy censorship has kept most of Canada from hearing about it, let alone the world. A concerted effort to hide this problem as long as possible is underway.

Increasingly, we're seeing people coming down with Covid symptoms (including blood clots and abnormal bleeding) simply from being near somebody who has taken the "vaccine". Some experts (not on state payrolls) believe spike proteins generated in vaccinated people are somehow being transmitted to others, where they continue to replicate and cause symptoms. Is this what's happening in Seychelles?

“Despite of all the exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now” Peggy Vidot, the nation’s health minister, announced today. The only possible explanation offered by experts is pandemic fatigue - the slang term being used to encompass people's resistance to Covid lockdowns and restrictions. But the whole world is sick and tired of the lockdowns, not just Seychelles, so how does that explain the sudden wave of illness and death they're seeing now?

The latest Seychelles lockdown will be reevaluated in 2 weeks. How many more will suffer agonizing symptoms and die in that time - and what's to blame?


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