Open warfare against "the unvaccinated" across the developed world! NOW is the time to resist tyranny!

I've said since the start of Covid that tyranny's advance can be halted if we look for the correct moment to collectively push back. I believe that time is upon us. Canada, Australia, France, Italy, UK, New Zealand, USA and many more... as we speak all are falling under the control of globalist technocratic medical tyrants. I just wrote 6 indications Canada is about to announce MANDATORY Covid Vaccinations for everyone, but even in the past couple days there have been several frightening developments. Some are below.

What 4th wave? We're going Draconian over almost zero threat!

National Hockey League going increasingly mandatory

Have you heard the NHL is pressuring, fining, restricting, and segregating players who don't accept the injections? They're going to be treated worse than lepers. I have to imagine this means there are quite a few pro hockey players NOT taking these shots. If it were just 1 or 2 guys, they wouldn't be making a big deal about it. But they are.

The state doesn't really care about the people providing "bread and circuses". Athletes are just more fodder for the machine. Hopefully more of them notice this and put up a solid resistance.

Some other hints coming out of that post:

"The whole year, at the minimum, will be Covid... a return to normalcy this fall is much more fiction than fact."

"Those who can’t be vaccinated (for medical reasons) are one in 10,000 or less. It’s rare. And with religious issues, we need to come to grips with the fact we live in a world of Covid. If you refuse on religious grounds, that’s fine. We’ll find an administrative job for you, or you need to find another job."

"It will be the world of the vaccinated and unvaccinated and that’s very clear."

And one unsubstantiated lie, showing they can no longer ignore Ivermectin, so they must iattack it:

"Veterinarian-grade Ivermectin is poisonous to humans."

Here is some excellent well-organized data and analysis on Ivermectin.

From this state announcement of the coming societal changes:

Places in BC you need to a digital vaccination passport to access, beginning Monday:

  • indoor sporting events
  • indoor concerts
  • indoor theater/dance/symphony events
  • indoor group exercise
  • indoor restaurant dining
  • patio restaurant dining
  • bars, pubs, clubs
  • casinos
  • movie theaters
  • fitness centers
  • rec centers
  • gyms
  • indoor events (weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops)
  • indoor classes and activities
  • student housing

It would have been faster to list the categories completely exempt from the passports, since there are really only 4:

  • groceries
  • fastfood/takeout
  • medicine
  • worship

"You'll need to show proof of vaccination - and another current government-issued piece of photo ID - to access designated businesses and events."

Boom, there it is. Requiring people to have and show government ID has long been a concern of human rights advocates, and a line in the sand for hundreds of millions of people. "Papiers, bitte!" This is what supposedly-paranoid people have been locked up for being afraid of. They weren't crazy after all, because here it is.

There are reasons a national ID card has never been done, and one of them is that it is clear and obvious slavery. Not acceptable under any circumstances, ever. This has to be our hard limit. If we accept this, our heads are essentially already in the noose. We've got to see this for the trap that it is, and not proceed.

DO NOT accept or use the "vaccine passports", ever. Not even once. Refuse, refuse, refuse. Be willing to be harassed, discriminated against, insulted, even harmed. Just refuse. Don't even use a fake passport. Don't comply with the passport system at all. It can only happen if there is mass compliance, so we still have a way out - mass resistance. Now is the time to make our stand and peacefully resist unjust laws and regulations.

"There is an exemption for children under 12, but not for people who aren't able to get the vaccine for health or religious reasons."

No exemptions, brutal. Absolutely brutal.

BC Care Providers Association says it is estimating a 10% loss of staff across the sector because of the mandatory vaccine. "We are seeing people leaving long-term care (retirement homes) to work in acute care (hospitals). We’re desperately trying to tell [officials] to apply mandatory vaccination across the board." Health officials say they are indeed working on a plan to ensure ALL health care workers are vaccinated.

(Reminder: Once Italy did that, the next step was mandatory injections for EVERYONE.)

“The facility was hit by a recent outbreak, which sent 14 staff, all doubly vaccinated, home sick."

We all know these injections don't stop the virus - even most of the "vaccinated" finally know that, now. But it's interesting to see direct confirmation of that, right in the article about making them mandatory. Unreal.

"Wednesday was the deadline for care homes to submit a staff list indicating what percentage are vaccinated but that process was beset by computer problems. He has requested the health ministry use data already collected through vaccine passports."

De facto admission that health information and vaccination status is being collected and shared freely behind the scenes. If they'll admit that much - even before things get rolling - what will they get up to behind closed doors?

"He also requested the province sign an order that would require all new health-care hires to be doubly vaccinated, which would eliminate part of the problem of staffers migrating to hospitals."

During an unprecedented nursing shortage, and ongoing lockdowns to "prevent the collapse of the health care system", and a supposed 4th wave, how can they possibly justify losing another massive chunk of their staff over mandatory injections?

Here we're told "the health care system is on the verge of collapse", with "a lack of beds" being the culprit. But is it really "beds" - gurneys, mattresses, and sheets - that we're low on? Or rooms to put them in? Or bedpans, thermometers, IVs, dressings, medicines, BP machines, and other infrastructure? No, all those things can be purchased on the free market. We have beds and we have rooms to put them. The real shortage is STAFF. Hospital staff like doctors, nurses, and care aides are trained to do specific jobs, and can't be replaced by unskilled labour. The problem is a sudden lack of available health-care workers. But why?

The real reason for "bed shortages" (a symptom of a distressed health care system) is nurses have been walking out on the job over looming mandatory vaccinations. Nurses aren't okay with being injected with a rushed vaccine that doesn't even stop transmission and has unknown long-term health effects. Can you blame them? They don't want to be forced to accept it or lose their careers, but that's the decision they face.

Govt mandates injections ---> nurse walkout ---> "bed" (staff) shortage ---> failure to properly treat all patients, aka "health care system collapse"

The nurses who walk out in protest - those with integrity - are being misrepresented by the media, which claims they are walking out because they're exhausted, or because they're offended about the protests held last Wednesday at hospitals across Canada. These protests were organized by "Canadian Frontline Nurses" to support everyone who was walking out over mandatory injections. To claim they are anti-nurse is ridiculous. Anyone who was there spoke with the nurses who were pouring out of the hospital with signs and banners, shouting "no mandatory vaccines". It was by the nurses, of the nurses, and for the nurses.

The media narrative that the protests were violent and anti-nurse is to justify further mandates and force. Anyone saying or showing otherwise is censored from the mainstream. They REALLY intend to push this through, regardless of resistance. They're desperate. If they fail at this, they're exposed, and hundreds of elites will be headed for prison or the gallows. They're playing for all the marbles, and playing for keeps.

On this state media propaganda piece, a fake doctor is quoted as being outraged he has to treat unvaccinated patients with Covid symptoms, claiming he shouldn't have to waste his time on self-inflicted health issues.

My comment on the article was deleted, so I'll post it here instead:

Ummm, does he refuse care to suicidal patients?
How about opiate overdoses, of which there are dozens in BC every day?
Does he turn away obese patients who eat themselves to a heart attack?
Does he scorn victims of car crashes where speed was involved?
Has he ever worked on a Friday night, when dozens of alcohol poisonings and people injured in drunken brawls come to the ER?
How about extreme sports leading to injuries? They did that to themselves, so he denies them medical service, right?
If he recommends a patient get a particular procedure/operation for their health, and they decide not to, does he kick them out of his practice?
Does he call for an article in the paper when he is forced to treat lung cancers in smokers?
Of course, the answer to all of the above, is no. No doctor does any of those things, ever.
But here we are, complaining about "self inflicted health issues" being such a huge problem that we have to completely redo society and remove almost the entire 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Here in BC Canada, similar to many other provinces, states, and countries, injection is becoming mandatory for huge chunks of the population.

  • we're headed back into lockdowns, deeper restrictions, and "vaccine passports" this fall
  • there will be no medical or religious exemptions to the "vaccines" and "passports"
  • society will be divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated
  • along with the "passport" you must show valid govt photo ID
  • about 10% of health care workers have already been lost over mandatory injections
  • staff walkouts are being blamed on exhaustion or anti-nurse protests
  • the protests are actually organized by the nurses
  • "passport" data is being collected, stored, and shared between various groups
  • resentment and hatred of unvaccinated people is being driven by the mainstream media, which is calling for them to be denied medical service

This time of great upheaval can also be a time of opportunity. Wait, where have I heard that before? Sounds like a movie tagline or something. Anyway, it's legit. This moment of flux shows the desperation of those attempting to continue the narrative. They're caught in lie after lie, breaking every promise they've made, destroying every corner of the Constitution and Charter. These globalist enemy scum must be identified and purged from society - and they will. But first, we have to shut down this "vaccine passport" system, not just here in BC and Canada, but around the developed world. It's a scam, a fraud, a hoax, a trick, a racket. We've been had. But we can transform from victims to victors with the right mindset, and by taking the right actions at the right times.

Right now is one of those times.


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